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Comparing Quantities Formulas for Class 7

We are going to share Comparing Quantities formulas for class 7, which is help to score in the exam. Thousands of Students are looking for Comparing Quantities formulas for class 7. It is the most important topic in the Maths for class 7 as well as upper.

\[\ Simple\;Interest = \frac{P×R×T} {100} \]
\[\ Rate = \frac{SI \times 100} {P \times T} \]
\[\ Principal = \frac{SI \times 100} {R \times T} \]
\[\ Time = \frac{SI \times 100} {R \times P} \]
\[\ Discount = MP – SP \]
\[\ Principal = Amount – Simpple\; Intrest\]

T= Time in years,

R=Rate of interest per annum

Summary of Comparing Quantities Formulas

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