Circle Graph Formula with Problem Solution & Solved Example

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A complete circle can be given as 360 degrees when taken as the whole. Further, it can be divided into infinite small portions. A small part of a circle is named as the arc and further arcs are categorized based on its angles. The objective of using a circle graph or we can say pie chart is mathematics is representing data or information in visual format.

With the help of the circle graph, you can always show the results in a proportionate manner. Even the arcs of a circle graph are also proportionate to how many percentages of people have given the same answer. Let us understand the concept better with the help of an example. Here, we will check which color of jeans is most common among students. The percentage is already shown in the pie chart. To know how many angles each percentage corresponds to we should divide the percentage value with 30 degrees as given below.

Circle Graph Formula

To graph a circle, you must know where the center is located on the plane. The equation of a circle could be written as –

\[\ Percentages =\frac{Amount\;in\;the\;Category}{Total}\times 100 \]

\[\ Angle =\frac{Amount\;in\;the\;Category}{Total}\times 360°\]

With this equation, you will get all pieces of information and also the four points that are equidistant from the center. You just have to connect these four points to sketch the graph of the circle.  The simplest graph is drawn when a distance from the circle is zero because here the value of h and v would be marked as null.