Perimeter of a Kite Formula & Area of Kite Formula with Problem Solution

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Kite in general is a geometrical figure with pair of two equal sides. The length of kite boundaries is termed as the perimeter of a kite. This is four-sided polygon with two diagonals and adjacent sides or angles would always be equal. The diagonals of a kite will bisect each other at the right angle.

If you wanted to calculate the perimeter of a kite then you should be sure of length of two adjacent sides. For example, if the length of two adjacent sides is a and b then the perimeter formula would be calculated as – 2 (a + b). obviously, when adjacent sides are equal then perimeter would be twice of the length of unequal sides.

  • In a kite, there are two set of adjacent sides that are next to each other and if they are of same length, it is named as congruent.
  • There is one pair of congruent angles too that are opposite to each other and between sides of different lengths. If you are still confused then look at the picture of a kite given at the top carefully.
  • The diagonal of a kite would meet each other at 90-degree and they will bisect each other too.
  • The longer diagonal will always bisect the shorter one and it will cut the longer diagonal in almost half.

If you wanted to find the area of a kite then you should work on diagonals now. Take the height of diagonals as a and b and area of a kite formula could be written as below using the Pythagoras Theorem in mathematics –

\[\large Perimeter\;of \;Kite=2a+2b\]

a = The length of First pair
b = The length of second pair

\[\large Area\;of\;kite=\frac {1}{2}D_{1}D_{2} \]

D1 = long diagonal of kite

D2 = short diagonal of kite