Circumference of a Circle Formula – Cylinder, Cone, Cube, Sphere

Circumference formula

The circumference of a closed shaped object that is circular in shape is the distance around its edges. The circumference of a circle is always taken as the important concept in Geometry and Trigonometry. You will be surprised to know that the circumference of the earth was calculated almost 2200 years back by a Greek Mathematician.

Once its importance was realized by the scientists, it was utilized everywhere like engineering, architects, space, artwork etc. Circum is a Latin word whose meaning is round about so it is used as a prefix in the word Circumference. It helps in solving the most complex math problems that are usually not familiar or sound tough.

\[\ circumference\;of\;Cylinder = 2\pi r \]

\[\ circumference\;of\;Cone = 2\pi r \]

\[\ circumference\;of\;Cube = 6a \]

\[\ circumference\;of\;Sphere = 2\pi r \]

\[\ circumference\;of\;Semicircle = \pi r \]

\[\ circumference\;of\;circle = 2\pi r=\pi d \]

d is the diameter of the circle.
r is the radius of the circle.

The circumference of a circle formula

The Circumference of a circle is common in Geometry and used almost everywhere. Once you will check this post, grasping the concept of circumference would be much easier than usual. You should know the radium or the diameter of a circle to calculate the circumference.

The Circumference of a circle formula in mathematics is given as below –

Circumference of a Circle(C) = 2πr = πd

Where, π=3.1415, C is the circumference of the circle, d is the diameter of the circle, and r is the radius of the circle. Once you will practice the problems, understanding the geometry principles would be easier for you. Without practice, Maths could not be learned or applied in the real-world apps.

The circumference of a Sphere

A sphere is a 3-dimensional figure having no edges. The line from the center to the boundary of the sphere is named as the radius and diameter is always the twice of the radius. The longest line that passes through the center of the circle is named as the diameter.  The circumference of a Sphere Formula in mathematics could be given as –

Where, π=3.1415, and r is the radius of the circle.

The Circumference of a Cylinder

A cylinder is a 3-D object with two circular bases that are connected together with a curved side. The different characteristics of a cylinder include circumference, radium perimeter, surface area, curved surface area etc. The circumference of a Cylinder Formula in mathematics is given as –

The Circumference of a semicircle

A semi-circle is the half of a circle. When a line is drawn straight in the circle from its midpoint towards the edges then it will make two semicircles. Also, this is important to know that the radius of a circle is always the half of its diameter. You will be handy with the terms when you would check the formulas of a semicircle and how to put the values to calculate the circumference, perimeter, surface area etc.

The Circumference of a cube

Calculating the perimeter of a Cube can be difficult sometimes because it is generally related to the two-dimensional shape. A cube is taken as the collection of 2-D objects where each of its six faces is a square. The perimeter of a square is the sum of the four individual edges. In the same way, the perimeter of a cube is total of different cube edges.