Division Formula with Problem Solution & Solved Example

What is Division?

There are four popular arithmetic operations in mathematics that include addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division etc. In this post, we will major discuss the division formula where a number is broken down into an equal number of parts. This is a common arithmetic operation used frequently to split the complete set of items into groups.

For example, if there are total 25 apples and you need to divided them into five equal groups then divide the number by five and there will total five apples for each of the groups. Further, you should know about the division sign that is to used to indicate the concept. First most common choice is ÷ and you can use backslash / too when you have to calculate fractions. In the case of fractions, the numerator is written on the top and denominator is written at the bottom.

Division Sign

Here is an example for x divided by y that can be written as –

\[\ Division\;Sign = X÷Y = \frac{x}{y} = x / y \]

And the Division formula in mathematics is written as –

Dividend / Divisor=Quotient


Dividend is the number to be divided

Divisor is the number to be divided with

Quotient is the result to be found after division

Special Cases

Here, are a few special cases to be considered during the division operation,

  • when the number is divided by the one, the answer remains the same. for Examples: 40 ÷ 1 = 40
  • the quotient equals the dividend when divisor equals one. For Examples: 40 ÷ 40 = 1
  • When a number is divided by zero, the answer to this question gets undefined. If the dividend or divisor are both the same number but not zero then the final outcome would always be the one.