This is always interesting to study different shapes and their properties. This is true for Rectangles too. What is Rectangle and why is it named do? How it is different from a square and why every student should have a basic understanding of rectangle? In this article, we will discuss each of the concepts one by one.

Rectangle: Opposite sides are equal in Length

What is Rectangle?

A Rectangle is a four-sided shape where every side is right-angled. So, if you are working on Rectangle then there only two tests then will assure you either it is a square or rectangle. All side are aligned at 90-degree angle and opposite sides are equal in length. If both conditions are true then you are looking at the Rectangle.

Look around you, Rectangles are everywhere either it is a room, doors, Television, Bed, Chair, windows, AC, a clock on your wall and many more things. Everything you are looking around can be a Rectangle, you are looking right now. This is a most justified shape that looks fabulous everywhere. There are a few properties of the Rectangle like –

  • The opposite sides of a Rectangle are parallel.
  • The opposite sides are equal in length, so the pair of sides could be same or different in length depends on the object.
  • Every side is a right angle in Rectangle.

So, learning Rectangles is always a fun and easy phenomenon too. This is a common part of the study in early schools then you have to work on its properties later. You can always use the Rectangle in real-world applications almost everywhere.

List of Basic Rectangle Formulas

Till the time, you have studied Rectangle and its properties. This is the time to know how to calculate the area of a rectangle, length of opposite sides, perimeter etc. For this purpose, you can always use a list of basic Rectangle Formulas where you just need to put values into the formula and calculate area, length of sides etc.

Perimeter of a Rectangle = 2 (l+b)

Area of a Rectangle = L X B

Diagonal of a Rectangle = √l2+b2


l is the length of the rectangle.
b is the breadth of the rectangle.

Question 1: Find the area, Perimeter & Diagonal of the rectangle of length 12 cm and breadth 15 cm ?

Lenght of the Rectangle = l = 12 cm
Breadth of the Rectangle = b = 15 cm

Area of the Rectangle = l X b
= 12 X 15
= 180 cm2

Perimeter of the Rectangle = 2(l+b)
= 2(12+15)
= 54 cm

Diagonal of the Rectangle = √l2+b2
= √122+152
= √144+225
= √369
= 19.20 cm

Rectangle Shape

The Rectangle shape is a special type of parallelogram where opposite sites are parallel and equal in length too. The other popular type of Rectangle is a Square where all four sides are equal and aligned at 90-degree angle. Based on the study, this is clear that every square is a rectangle but every rectangle could not a square.

Why should every student learn Rectangle?

When we are talking about the shapes then they are used everywhere around us. For example, if you look at the structure of a bike then everything has given a specific shape, like the pedal, seat etc. If pedal of the bike is designed triangular instead of a circle then how would you able to manage?

Similarly, there are a lot of things where justifiable usage of shape is necessary. A student needs to learn about all basic shapes and their properties so that they can understand which shape fits real-world problems.

Square, Rectangle, Quadrilateral all has four sides still, they have different uses and applications. Only a deep understanding of each of the shape could help you in identifying the differences between three and their uses too.