Perimeter of Hexagon Formula | Area of a Hexagon Formula

The Perimeter of Hexagon Formula

Hexagon is the polygon that has six equal sides and the six edges. Hexa is a Greek word whose meaning is six. Naturally, when all six sides are equal then perimeter will be multiplied by 6 of one side of the hexagon. Abd each internal angle is measured as 120-degree. Take an example, if each side of the hexagon is marked as ‘a’ then the perimeter would be given as 6 * a.

Hexagon Formula

The area is calculated as the total space within boundaries of a hexagon. Further, to make the calculation easy, you can divide the hexagon into six isosceles triangles. Calculate the area of each triangle one by one and multiply it by 6 to find the total area of a Hexagon. The perimeter of hexagon formula is written as –

\[\large P=6\times a\]

Where a is the side of the hexagon and all aides are equal in length.

Hexagon Formula

Hexagon is a polygon or two-dimensional closed figure made up of straight line segments. Hexagon is a polygon with six sides and measurement of angle for each side is equal. It may be called as regular hexagon too whose sides are congruent to each other. There are a predefined set of hexagon formulas that are used collectively to find the area, perimeter, and the side of a hexagon. A Hexagon with the side length of a is given as:

\[\large Perimeter\;of\;an\;Hexagon = 6 \times a\]

\[\large Area\;of\;an\;Hexagon =\frac{3 \sqrt{3}}{ 2} \times a^{2}\]

With the help of these formulas, you can quickly calculate the area or perimeter of various hexagonal objects. Here are the few properties of Hexagon for a better understanding of the concept. These are –

Properties of Hexagon

  • Hexagon has 6 sides and 6 angles.
  • Length of each side of the hexagon is equal in terms of measurement.
  • Each interior angle is measured of 120-degrees and the sum of the six angles would be 720-degrees.
  • Each exterior angle is measured of 60-degrees and the sum of the six exterior angles would be 360-degrees.
  • If you will calculate the diagonals of a hexagon, then they are total nine in numbers.

Hexagonal Pyramid Formula

A pyramid having a hexagonal base and six triangular lateral faces then it is named as the hexagonal pyramid. The other popular name for the hexagonal pyramid is heptahedron. The hexagonal pyramid formulas can be given as below

Base area of a hexagonal pyramid = 3ab
Surface area of a hexagonal pyramid = 3ab+3bs
Volume of a hexagonal pyramid = abh

a is apothem length.
b is base length.
s is slant height.
h is height.

Area of a Hexagon Formula

Regular hexagon fits together well like an equilateral triangle and they are commonly seen as tiles in the house. The exterior angle is measured as 60-degree in case of the regular hexagon and the interior angle is measured as 120-degree. The shape has six rotational symmetries that can be divided into six isosceles triangles too. This is the only regular polygon that can be divided into more regular polygons. The area of a hexagon formula in mathematics is given as –

\[\large A=3 \times s\times r\]

s is the side of a hexagon.
r is the Radius of a Hexagon.