Diameter Formula with Problem Solution & Solved Example

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DO you the meaning of diameter in mathematics. Well, this is an easy term and usually frequently to solve multiple problems. The diameter is the biggest line passing through the center of a circle. The line will move through one edge to another from the center of a circle and diameter is measured at its largest point across.

Another way to understand diameter is relating the same to the radius. This is the measurement from the centre to any edge of a circle.  The relationship between diameter and the radius is shown as below where it is given as the double of radius.

Diameter Formula

\[\ Diameter = 2\times Radius \]

Radius is almost half of the diameter or diameter is exactly twice of the radius. If the radius is measured through the center then the diameter is measured through the edge to edge still it will pass through the center necessarily. Below we have given two most frequently used formulas to calculate the diameter.

In mathematics, the typical notations for radius and diameter are small r and small d. Make sure that they are used in the same format otherwise meaning could change. The other formula that involves the concept of diameter is the circumference of a circle. The circumference is defined as the total distance around it.

If you are planning to measure the distance around a circular body then the formula would be given as circumference formula here. As per the formula is given, capital C is the circumference and the value of pi is fixed, d is the diameter.