What is Regular Square Pyramid?

In geometry, a square pyramid is defined as the pyramid with a square base. When the apex is perpendicular to the center of square then it is called the right square pyramid. If all edges are equal then it is named as the equilateral square pyramid. In the case of right square pyramid, length of lateral edges is the same and sides other than base are the congruent isosceles triangles.

When all edges fall of the same length then sides form the equilateral triangle. Further, they are divided into two major categories either regular or non-regular square pyramids. A regular octahedron is taken as the square bipyramid and square frustum is a square pyramid with truncated apex. Mostly when we are talking about pyramids, first thought that comes to your mind is the great pyramid of Egypt.

Regular Square Pyramid Formula

Here, you can find the regular square pyramid formula such as volume of square pyramid and surface area of square pyramid formula which is help you to find the solution of pyramid related questions.

\[\large Volume=\frac{1}{3}\, b^{2}h\]

\[\large Surface\;Area=2\,b\,s+b^{2}\]

The most common parts of a pyramid are taken as base and the apex. On the basis of shape of the base, pyramids are named differently. When base is regular, it is named as the regular polygon. If the base is irregular then it is named as the irregular polygon. Based on the type of pyramid, you can use formula and calculate the surface area, lateral area, volume etc. For irregular pyramids, the calculation is slight typical when compared to the normal ones. You just have to plug the values into formula in case of regular pyramid and find the final output.

Question: Find the volume of a regular square pyramid of base length 6 cm and length 8 cm?


From the volume formula: \[\ Volume=\frac{1}{3}\, b^{2}h\]

\[\ Volume=\frac{1}{3}\times 6^{2}\times 8 \]

\[\ Volume = 760.32\; cm^{3}\]