how to find b in y=mx+b? List of Basic Linear Formula

What is Linear Equation?

Linear equations are the statements or first-degree polynomials that are defined as the sum of the set of terms, each term present the product of a constant and the first power of a variable is almost equal to constant.

List of Basic Linear Formulas

The linear equation is an algebraic expression given as straight line where each term presents the product of a constant and the first power of a variable is almost equal to constant. The word was discovered from the fact where a complete set of solutions within equation makes up a straight line inside the plane.

The representation of a Linear Equation is given by

y = mx + b

m defines the slope of the line,
x and y are the variables
b is the constant term presented on the y-axis.

Linear Equation

A linear equation is the statement of equality between two expressions that is consist of more than one variable or number. Equations can also be taken as questions or an attempt to find the solution to problems in a systematic way. Usually, linear equations are complex in nature and can be solved by putting a list of basic linear formulas.

Linear Equation

The general form of a linear equation involves n number of unknown variables in which multiplication by the real number and the addition of terms is included.

Linear Equation Problem & Solution

When a large number of liner equation shaving the same variables are considered together, it makes a system of linear equations. A system of the linear equation means it has at least one solution while inconsistent systems mean linear equation has no solution in this case.

If two lines have different slopes then there is only one solution for the equation. If both lines have different slopes then should meet at a certain point to find the solution to the problem. The systems have an infinite number of solutions of lines are parallel and having the same intercept on the y-axis.

Question 1: Solve for x: 5x + 6 = 11


Given function is 5x + 6 = 11
5x = 11 – 6
x = 5/5 = 1
x = 1.

What is the necessity of Liner equation formulas for students?

Most of the students don’t understand the applications of linear equations in real-life.  Here, we will discuss some of the common applications that could be made easier by depth understanding of the topic. If you don’t know the concept well then it would be harder for you to solve the problems. Once, you read them deeply then you will realize, they are not so bad as you expected earlier. If you wanted to calculate the slop or area of a curve that is extremely large, so you can do it.

Obviously, keep a close eye of Linear equation problems and complete the work as soon as possible. The same is needed for preparation of competitive exams or when you are planning for higher studies. If you don’t know the basics well then getting deeper insights into the topic are generally tough and it may irritate you in the end. All the best and happy learning with right Mathematical techniques and formulas.