List of Basic Geometry Formulas

What is Geometry?

In simple words, geometry is a special branch of mathematics that includes the study of shapes, size, dimensions etc. A Greek mathematician Euclid is named as the Father of Geometry and he explained how geometry is useful in understanding a variety of early cultures.

Geometry word is derived from Greek where “geo” means “earth” and “metria” means measure. Geometry is a special part of your study during schools and colleges. As this is a vital part of your curriculum, the handful knowledge of different geometry concepts will take your career to the new heights right away.

If you would look around, Geometry is used in daily routine too. Take an example of car parking where you have to focus on space available and calculate either you would be able to park your car in a particular area or not. It is good for spatial sense and competitive exams too.

The other major applications of geometry in different areas include engineering, architecture, art, astronomy, space, nature, sculptures, cars, machine and many more. The area of applications is just the limitless and it can be used almost everywhere you can imagine around you.

List of Basic Geometry Formulas

Now, you are familiar with the topic, what is Geometry? The next important thing that strikes to learners’ mind is the list of basic geometry formulas. They are generally used to calculate the area, length, perimeter, and the volume of various geometrical shapes or figures.

The other formulas are linked with height, surface area, length, width, or radius etc. Few Geometry formulas are complicated while few of them are simpler and easy to learn. They are even used in our daily life to calculate the space to store different things.

\[\large Perimeter \; of \; a \; Square = P = 4a \]

Where a = Length of the sides of a Square

\[\large Perimeter \; of \; a \; Rectangle = P = 2(l+b) \]

Where, l = Length ; b = Breadth

\[\large Area \; of \; a \; Square = A = a^{2} \]

Where a = Length of the sides of a Square

\[\large Area \; of \; a \; Rectangle = A = l \times b \]

Where, l = Length ; b = Breadth

\[\large Area \; of \; a \; Triangle = A = \frac{b \times h}{2} \]

Where, b = base of the triangle ; h = height of the triangle

\[\large Area \; of \; a \; Trapezoid = A = \frac{(b_{1}+b_{2})h}{2} \]

Where, $b_{1}$ & $b_{2}$ are the bases of the Trapezoid ; h = height of the Trapezoid

\[\large Area \; of \; a \; Circle = A = \pi \times r^{2} \]

\[\large Circumference \; of \; a \; Circle = A = 2\pi r \]

Where, r = Radius of the Circle

\[\large Surface \; Area \; of \; a \; Cube = S = 6a^{2} \]

Where, a = Length of the sides of a Cube

\[\large Surface \; Area \; of \; a \; Cylinder = S = 2\pi rh \]

\[\large Volume \; of \; a \; Cylinder = V = \pi r^{2} h \]

Where, r = Radius of the base of the Cylinder ; h = Height of the Cylinder

\[\large Surface \; Area \; of \; a \; Cone = S = \pi r (r + \sqrt{h^{2}+r^{2}}) \]

\[\large Volume \; of \; a \; Cone = V = \pi r^{2} h \]

Where, r = Radius of the base of the Cone, h = Height of the Cone

\[\large Surface \; Area \; of \; a \; Sphere = S = 4 \pi r^{2} \]

\[\large Volume \; of \; a \; Sphere = V = \frac{4}{3}\pi r^{3} \]

Where, r = Radius of the Sphere

Coordinate Geometry Formulas

Coordinate geometry is another exciting idea of mathematics that is learned during school times. There are a variety of coordinate geometry formulas that are used to draw graphs of curves or lines. These formulas allow you to solve geometry problems or equations quickly and meaningful insights of algebra too. Also, the discovery of calculus depends on basics of coordinate geometry.

Geometry Equations & Problems

Each problem has a solution and its true for Geometry equations and problems too. You just have to use list basic geometry formulas to solve complicated problems in minutes. Obviously, this is not possible without right skills and hours of practice.

Why does Geometry Formula need for Students?

Geometry is necessary for students in schools to develop problem-solving skills and spatial reasoning capabilities too. Geometry gives you a perfect idea of measurement too. With a clear understanding of the topic, you would be able to learn shapes or solids deeply and their relationships too. You would be a problem solver with depth understanding of transformations, symmetry, or spatial reasoning etc.

In later schooling, geometry becomes more related to reasoning and analysis. There would be more focus on analyzing properties of two-dimensional shapes or three-dimensional figures and learn using the coordinate system too. Ultimately, develop an exciting career in different fields with right mathematics and geometry skills.