What is Volume of a Square Pyramid?

A square pyramid could be defined as the polyhedron with a square base and four triangular faces too. There is one single point where all triangular faces are meeting is called the Apex. The pyramid faces will connect the bases with Apex ahead. In this way, the volume of a square pyramid is defined as in terms of units occupied by the pyramid.

The volume of a Square Pyramid Formula

Here, the volume of a square pyramid formula could be written as –

\[\ Volume\;of\;a\;Square\;Pyramid = \frac{1}{3}b^{2}h \]
b is the base length of the square base pyramid,
h is the height of the square pyramid,
s is the slant height of the face of the square pyramid.

The volume of a Square Pyramid

The volume is defined as the three-dimensional space occupied by an object or it could be quickly understood by the concept of amount of water, gas, or any other substance holds. When we are talking about the square pyramid then you could take the example of an Egypt Pyramid. Here, this is easy calculating the volume with a simple formula along the sides of its bases.

The same process can be used to calculate the volume of a rectangular base too with one small modification where the area of base is calculated by squaring the one side equal to the length. This is necessary to learn by students because it is used frequently for real-life projects too and taken as important of later school studies. Make sure that you have all essential details before you actually start working on the same.