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Content creators of all kinds who come on Instagram are always striving for better and quicker promotion. Earlier in time people knew only mutual following and liking which was not always working as they wanted it to, but today social media promotion sphere has developed a lot and offers many various tools that can be used to make an Instagram profile thrive in several days. The quickest ones of them are paid for sure, but there are also free methods that can help with gaining more subscribers and likes as well. In this text we will be talking about paid and unpaid methods, which are equally helpful but have a little bit different levels of efficiency and time.

If you are interested in trying promotion out and don’t want to put money straight in, you can take advantage of the following free methods:

  • Start collecting and using hashtags correctly. You can use up to 30 tags in one post, but we would recommend using not more than 10 of those – this way your page will look more decent and appealing to people. Make sure that you use different types of terms to describe the content that you are putting forward: start from the widest term that describes your photo or video and move forward to the narrowest one. This way you will be able to find more interested people and attract them to follow your page. Include names, dates and specific words that people can use to search for the content you’re posting. If you want to know more about how hashtags work, read more about SEO and collecting keywords, it will significantly help.
  • Ask fellow bloggers for free mutual PR. Find people who have the same number of subscribers and write them an offer to create ads about each other. You’d be surprised how many small bloggers there are, waiting for such a message to come. The whole problem is that everybody is insecure about whether people will want to work with them or not, and therefore almost never contact other bloggers who might be interested. Break that regularity and look up to people who will be interested in what you’re bringing them. This option can be easily transformed into the paid one if you would write with such an offer to bigger bloggers – they have prices for creating ads about other content creators (they do it in a form of recommendations to their audience, which is very convenient).

But if you’re willing to bring good results to the table as quickly as possible, you’re going to find these paid methods quite efficient:

Use all of those methods and services to make sure that your page grows decently and becomes more and more popular over time. If you need it to happen faster, you can start with the paid services straightforwardly, but if you’re ready to spend some time, you can start off with the free methods and search for trials. Yes, trials are the packages that have “paid” followers or likes in them but are provided by the companies for free. This way they are trying to increase the loyalty of their potential clients and bring more people to cooperate with them.

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