The Road-map to the CCNA Certification

Cisco Certified Network Associate course is one of the most prominent Cisco Systems certifications. Suppose you want to acquire skills in the field of security, networking, or automation. Cisco is the topmost provider of networking solutions for organizations.

This certification allows the candidates to understand the fundamentals of Cisco Certified Network Associate and also the latest advancements in the field of networking. You will be surprised to know that more than half of the companies rely on certifications to make hiring decisions. So, no doubt you need to be certified to be eligible to get employed.

Significant companies depend on IT services to carry out their operations efficiently and economically. Hence, this certification can be helpful for professionals to get experience in the field of IT network systems.

How to Get CCNA Certified?

CCNA certification involves a Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam. The exam tests the candidate’s knowledge in the field of Fundamentals of Network, IP Connectivity, IP Services, Network Access, and Automation and Programmability. The course helps candidates be prepared for this test.

Guideline for CCNA Certification


It would be best if you focused on our network fundamentals, IP connectivity, network access, security fundamentals, IP services, and automation and programmability. So make sure you revise these appropriately. The preparation can be through self-study or with the help of an instructor.

Register and Schedule Exam

Once you are ready, then quickly register and get your exam scheduled.

After leaving the CCIE lab examination, the other Cisco tests are managed by Pearson VUE, providing two options for payment for the exam. Then, it would be best if you started preparing for your exam in advance.

Attend Exam

The duration of the exam is exactly 120 minutes

Examination Process

The exam is available online, test center, at home, or in an office.


The passing score is 825/1000, 82%, and this test validates for three years. So make sure that you recertify before the expiry.

Getting The Right Training For The Certification

Attempting to take the exam with no prior training would be ill-advised. Candidates who undergo certified training with experienced training providers stand a better chance of clearing the exam the first time out. Some training courses offer 20 hours of high-quality eLearning content and assistance with scheduling your exam with Pearson Vue.

Also, plenty of different programs vary in mode of delivery and effectiveness. So it is entirely up to you to make sure that you choose a program that will work for you.

Then make sure to consider these factors when choosing a training program for the CCNA certification.


Choosing the perfect location for the training is essential, and checking if that is convenient for you. Community colleges and other schools offer these classes. Also, you can find these online.

Program Length

The length of the program can be from a few days to as long as needed. No specific size is best until the necessary material is covered.

Who is eligible for the CCNA?

You should note that there are no qualifications to qualify for the exam. Essential prerequisites for a candidate eligible for the exam are mentioned here.

  • knowledge of computer fundamentals
  • Awareness of Basic navigation abilities
  • Internet usage skills
  • IP address knowledge

The CCNA course certification is helpful for:

  • Network designers
  • Network analysts
  • Entry-level network engineer
  • Help desk technician
  • Network managers, etc

CCNA Exam Overview

The CCNA exam can be earned by qualifying for the test. The objectives of this exam include

Programmability, security, and automation. The exam can be either in English or even in Japanese. You can schedule the exam online or in safe environments per your requirements.

Validity of CCNA Examination

You should note that certification will be valid till the next fixed expiration date.

Topics that have been removed

The following mentioned topics have been eliminated  from the curriculum:

  • Network fundamentals – OSI model
  • WAN – PPP, MLPPP, PPPoE, GRE, BGP, WAN access
  • Routing – RIPv2,EIGRP, Inter-VLAN routing, OSPFv3,
  • LAN Switching – Frame, Switch stack, VTP

What happens when a candidate fails?

There’s a possibility that you may face failure. There are no restrictions on the number of times anyone could take this test.

Post Examination Process

If you pass all the written exams, it is equal to the certification of an expert. Then you will get an email after you give the exam.

The Cisco certification tracking system records the exam and certification status. If you want to receive your certificate notifications, keep your contact details to mark.

You will now be permitted to make use of the Cisco certification logo. Always read the logo agreement before utilizing the logo.