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If you have taken the decision to study math in college this year, you probably know that this field is not the easiest one. We use math in every domain, as things as simple math just are part of everything. If you want to know how long it will take you to commute between a course and an academic lesson that is held in distinct places, you need to use math.

If you want to know how much money you need to save to go on that trip with friends, you need to use math. And even for more complex problems, such as solving chemistry or physics, you need advanced math knowledge. Getting an education is an enlightening process and this happens while studying math too. And if you have committed to doing it this year, what are the best places to do it? Where to study math in 2023? Here are the top countries you should consider.

United States

Everyone dreams of studying or living in the United States. Everyone wants to live the American dream. Well, you could start doing this by choosing to study math in this country. The United States is home to many world-renowned universities, many of which have a high number of applicants. But this should not demotivate you.

As there are more and more youngsters who want to study in the United States, the country and its university environment are well prepared to welcome international students. Your transition to the campus and student life in the US will be smooth. On top of this, here you can choose from over 90 universities where you can find excellent math courses. You can get help with algebra and find an algebra solution to math problems. Plainmath is the field you start with, but over time, you advance step by step. If you asked yourself how to study math successfully, this is one of the ways to do it. And besides the pros of studying math by social media, colleges in the United States have some of the most efficient ways to teach you math. So, it is one of the countries you should consider for advancing your math knowledge this year.


If you are looking for locations in Europe, then France should be one of the countries you could take into consideration. Three of its universities are among the highest-ranking ones in the world, which make France a country that should be on your list.

The universities here have low tuition fees and offer some of the best learning experiences. Even though France is known as a country of artists and art, you should not dismiss it based on this. You can learn math and advance your knowledge tremendously, so make sure you check their educational offer for this year.

United Kingdom

This top would not be complete without the United Kingdom, of course. It is one of the countries that has an incredible reputation around the world as it delivers excellent programs of education. The United Kingdom is also home to some of the most well-known universities around the world.

33 of the universities in this country have extraordinary math programs and rank high when it comes to mathematics learning programs. So, if you are looking for where to study math in 2023, then you should definitely consider the United Kingdom as an option.


Besides being one of the best traveling destinations in the world, Canada is also one of the best destinations when it comes to getting a math education. The University of Waterloo, the University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia are all part of the first 50 universities in the world known for the excellence of their math programs.

Learning math is not facile and you need to invest a lot of time in acquiring knowledge and learning the theorems and when to apply them. And you need the best teachers to do this, and you will surely find them in Canada. So, this is another country that should be on your list.


Last but not least, Germany is another country you should consider for getting advanced math knowledge. If you are worried about the costs of living in this country, you should know that they are quite affordable. And the facilities you have access to on-campus are really helpful to students.

Two of the universities you will find in Germany are part of international tops when it comes to math programs. However, all universities in Germany are known for striving to offer excellence when it comes to mathematics, so this country should be among your options too.

Final Thoughts

Studying math is one of the most enlightening learning processes, as it comes with many benefits and advantages. It helps you improve your problem-solving skills and it boosts your strategic thinking. You learn how to analyze a problem, but also improve your creativity and flexibility in thinking.

So, if you have decided to study math, you are probably in the best location to do it. These are some of the countries that offer excellent math programs that can help you advance your knowledge and acquire new information.

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