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The essay is an independent student scientific research on a certain topic, which involves generalization, deepening, and consolidation of the knowledge acquired during training and is based on the critical use of literary sources. This work provides an opportunity for the teacher to identify the presence of the necessary knowledge at a certain stage of education. It contributes to the process of deepening the student’s theoretical knowledge, developing practical skills, and solving important tasks.

The paper should be logically structured and have the character of a completely independent study. It will achieve its goal if even well-known provisions are highlighted from new positions and are accompanied by the author’s own argumentation.

What Is the Declaration of Independence Essay?

As it is known, the Declaration of Independence is one of the most significant documents in US history. It specifies that the 13 colonies in America are independent of other states, including Great Britain, and encourages the citizens of the country to express their opinions freely. The main reason for creating the Declaration of Independence in 1776 was to declare to everyone the beliefs and rights of Americans.

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing the Declaration of Independence Essay

The Declaration of Independence essay is a paper that tells about the events of 1776, which preceded the creation of the Declaration of Independence, what were the problematic moments, what results were achieved, etc. This essay is not only a description of known facts but has critical analysis, presents weighty arguments, and has a clearly stated author’s position on the issue.

Where Can I Find the Declaration of Independence Essay Examples?

Paper topics can be varied. Many of them are complex and cause writing difficulties. However, it is always possible to find good examples of the Declaration of Independence essay by following the link and creating a quality paper on this basis. Of course, it will take a lot of effort to write a paper. But a good example will allow you to understand what structure to follow, how to argue your own position, what examples to use, etc. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to get it.

If you want to cope with the task of writing an essay perfectly, pay attention to the step-by-step guide below and try to follow it.

Stages of the Declaration of Independence Essay Implementation

In general, three stages can be distinguished in writing an argumentative Declaration of Independence essay:

  • Preparatory stage. At this stage, the student chooses the topic of the essay and begins studying the state of the problem, literary sources, collecting factual materials, conducting the necessary research, etc.;
  • The main stage. The text of a paper is written directly according to the outline;
  • The final stage. It involves checking the written text, correcting errors, making editorial corrections, and presenting the work to the teacher.

Let’s consider this in more detail.

Essay Topic Selection

Choosing the topic of the paper is an important stage because the correct choice of it is a guarantee of its successful completion. When selecting a topic, the student must be guided by the following:

  • Own scientific interests;
  • The general topic of scientific research (in this case, it is the Declaration of Independence);
  • The relevance of the problem under consideration;
  • Opportunities to obtain the necessary materials for work preparation;
  • Own opportunities to reveal the chosen topic at the appropriate level.

Formulation of the Goal and Objectives of the Research

After the topic has been chosen, it is necessary to formulate the purpose of the research, as well as specify the specific tasks that must be solved in accordance with this purpose. The formulation of the purpose and tasks should be done as carefully as possible since the description of their solution will constitute the content of the paragraphs of the work.

Creation of an Outline

The outline of an essay should reflect the tasks set in the work, which, in turn, are formulated to achieve the goal and solve the problem. The outline will help you build your work correctly, structure it, and consistently present your own thoughts and research results.

Writing an Introduction

The implementation of the Declaration of Independence should begin with writing an introduction, which reveals the essence and state of the scientific problem and its significance, the grounds and initial data for developing the topic formulates contradictions, and justify the need for conducting research. The main components of the introduction are presented in the following sequence:

  • The actuality of the theme;
  • The purpose and objectives of the research;
  • Methodological principles and methods of research;
  • Information base.

Work on the Main Body of the Paper

The body should consist of several separate paragraphs. First of all, it is important to outline the main stages of the development of scientific thought on the problem. Concisely and critically highlighting the achievements of predecessors, you should identify those issues that remained unresolved and determine your place in solving the problem. Then you should conduct a detailed analysis of the investigated problem and justify your own opinion regarding its solution.

According to the best writers, the last paragraph of the main part should be of a recommendatory nature. It is appropriate to present the results of one’s own research, highlighting what is new in the development of the problem.

Drawing up Conclusions

Conclusions should be drawn up according to the tasks. It is necessary to briefly assess the state of the issue, reveal the methods of solving the scientific problem posed in the paper, its practical analysis with comparison, and emphasize the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the obtained results.

Formatting the List of Sources Used

The list of bibliographic references to the sources used for writing the Declaration of Independence essay should be placed in the order in which the references appear in the text. It is important to carry out the bibliographic description of the used literature in accordance with the standards.


Therefore, writing a Declaration of Independence essay is not an easy task. To cope with it successfully, you need to know the structure of this type of paper, the requirements for its formatting, the features of argumentation, etc. It is also important to find a good example that can become the basis for creating a unique paper. Follow the guide above and create argumentative Declaration of Independence papers step by step with no hassle!

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