Does Cybersecurity Analyst Require Coding?

In the day and age of technology when business is growing at an astonishing rate, it becomes pivotal to protect sensitive data. As new tools and digitized business processes become commonplace, there is also a growing danger of cyber threats. 


Be it multinational companies or small businesses, each one is facing this problem and has to rely on cybersecurity analyst to mitigate such threats. As hackers look for new and evolved ways to breach organizational security and gain access to sensitive information, businesses have to put a stronger security system in place. 


This requires getting trained professionals on board that can play an important role in defending the business against any cyber-attack and protect the company’s assets. Students who are keen to follow this career path will find many lucrative opportunities but since cybersecurity is still an emerging field, it is surrounded by some confusion and doubts. One of the core questions that cause a dilemma in students is whether this field requires technical knowledge such as the ability to code. Let’s throw some light on this matter. 


Importance of coding 


So does a Cybersecurity analyst need to gain skills in coding to enjoy a successful career ahead? The answer to this query is not a definitive yes or a no. If you are looking for entry-level jobs in the field of Cybersecurity then you don’t need to have any coding skills. One can easily break into this industry and find good job opportunities without any additional skills such as coding. 


However, most cybersecurity professionals start to assess what skills they need to acquire in their career and among the most relevant ones is coding. While this skill is never a mandatory requirement but as you progress and start to handle mid-level and upper-level job responsibilities, then having programming awareness and efficiency is highly useful. 


Those who are about to enter the field of cybersecurity need not worry about coding during the early stages. When you are getting started, this skill does not determine whether you are applicable for entry-level jobs or not. Though, eventually, this is a skill that you must invest in if you are looking to opt for higher job roles. Having said that, you don’t have to necessarily master this expertise as there are many successful cybersecurity professionals who are not very proficient in programming.


Learning coding for Cybersecurity 


Every cybersecurity professional has their own approach to coding and since it will not hinder you from starting your career, you can also choose to not focus on this skill during the early phase of your career. Though, if you are keen, you can start learning basic coding from early on. 


Otherwise, you can learn this skill at your job when you are working as a cybersecurity analyst. This way, you will have a better understanding of why and where this knowledge is needed in your job profile. As you will gain awareness of coding expertise and its use in cybersecurity, you can with time, gain some proficiency in coding as well. 


High-level coding is not a requirement in the job profile of a cybersecurity analyst and you don’t have to master this skill to progress in your career.