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Although there are plenty of free chat rooms, people still need more than just online communication. Different businesses successfully use live chats to attract customers online and boost their sales. It’s not a big deal for many business owners.

According to eMarketer research conducted back in 2009, live chats boost Internet sales by 36%. Moreover, over 60% of people who talk to strangers video chatting claim that they are likely to make another purchase on that website. Live chats with customers are a great way to increase the quality of customer service, attract new customers, and promote online sales. If you do not use a chat in communication with your customers, you should start doing it right now!

5 Ways to Boost Online Sales with a Video Chat

To understand whether you can increase your live chat sales if you need live chat on your website and how to make it work, keep reading until the end and find it out. You will learn how a simple chat can turn into a sales booster.

What live chat support for a website is

Live chat support is a very simple web form that allows you to communicate with the visitors of your website in real-time mode. No worries, it doesn’t mean you have to install Zoom or Skype and answer endless questions or calls from your customers. It’s not the same as a video chat with girls either. The majority of websites have a widget in the bottom corner of the website, either left or right.

When clicking it, visitors can see a chat window where someone greets them and asks if they need some help. Thanks to such a window, you can communicate with your customers back and forth.

Keep in mind live chats and chatbots are different things. Chatbots are just software that imitates communication with a human. It can answer certain questions of customers. Your client receives a reply from a bot, not from a human. Live chat is full-fledged communication between two people.

The good thing about it is that your customers do not need to install any software. This widget works on your website after you do that. Anyone who visits your website can see and utilize it. It means that you communicate not only with your current clients but also with potential ones.

Why does live chat increase your online sales?

We found out already that live chats are great communication tools for interacting with your customers. Now, see how this communication can boost your sales significantly.

Be always available when your customers need you

Customers always want attention. They need to be heard. Last but not least, they want to feel needed. This is why live chat for sales is crucial. Of course, you do not have to sit and communicate with people 24/7 on your own. Everyone needs a particular online chat manager who will do this job professionally. But first, this person must be trained and taught thoroughly. Otherwise, you may lose many customers instead of boosting your sales.

People type their problems and get prompt answers. If you are not intended to be online round-the-clock, state your working hours clearly. Clients do not like to be fooled. To stand out from your competitors and solve the problems of each potential or current customer, you must give answers immediately. People won’t wait for ages. Moreover, when not getting a reply, one may leave a bad review about your customer service.

To avoid this, let them know what the working hours of your live chat window are. Ensure a qualified employee is always there during working hours and can help people solve their issues. People highly appreciate good customer service. This increases your trust rate.

5 Ways to Boost Online Sales with a Video Chat

Collect information about your customers

Lots of live chat software do not simply provide chat options. They collect data about your customers. Thus, you can see the IP address and find out what the location of each visitor is. When using advanced features, you can even see what your customer is typing before he or she sends the message. This allows you to understand what this person is going to say, what his problem is, and what his mood is and be well-prepared for a quick answer even if the customer is unsatisfied and has claims.

Thanks to live chats, you can learn about the feedback and experiences of your customers, the wishes of your potential clients, and what problems visitors face when being on your website. It all helps boost the user experience and improve the quality of your service. As a result, you increase the trust of people and respectively, have more sales.

By the way, live chats are also good SEO-tracking tools. For example, you invested in gaining visitors from certain locations. You can easily see if your SEO strategy works by tracking what countries visitors come from.

Reach a high satisfaction rate

Live chat with customers can be used to answer their questions and conduct your surveys. You can answer their questions in the middle of an online purchase. 44% of online consumers find it the most helpful option on the site. 73% of customers prefer live chat channels for communication instead of email and phone.

The highest satisfaction rate can be reached thanks to only live chat communication. If their questions are answered, consumers are more likely to return to you and make another purchase. While communicating, you find out what problems your customers face and how to solve them in the future.

Convince customers to purchase

Not every visitor who visits your website intends to purchase your goods or services. But you can softly guide them to do that by asking the right questions and answering theirs. Your sales rates are in your hands, and you should use live chat properly and encourage people to buy whatever you need.

For example, your customer is looking for a free dating site to chat with girls, but you sell matchmaking services. You can reply that, unfortunately, you do not have free video chats, but you have more efficient services that will bring much better results. Describe your perks, tell about all benefits, and send the link to the services you want this visitor to purchase for more information.

Greet customers based on their behaviors

Modern customers do not simply want but expect a personalized shopping experience. Being heard is their priority. If you want to ensure this individual approach to each client, consider the time of your reaction to their inquiries and relevance. You will not recognize your conversion rates when showing the right messages at the right time.

For instance, thanks to advanced features, you can see the visitor’s location and what page they are currently visiting. You can offer related solutions to their possible problems based on that information. Do not neglect live chat to boost user experience and, as a result, your sales rates.

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