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In 2020, Singapore’s census reported the lowest birth rate ever recorded in the country. This was attributed to the high cost of raising children and the challenges parents face in finding early education institutions. Until then, parents struggled to navigate the Early Childhood Care and Education centre despite the wide array of options. In response to parents’ challenges, the Singapore government prioritised childcare provision across the country. This has since motivated more couples to explore parenting, knowing their children are guaranteed the best start in life. The government has continued to closely regulate the early education sector to ensure affordability and accessibility to all parents. As a result, toddlers have had excellent opportunities to develop from a young age. Continue reading to explore why children benefit from early years education.

They Get Exposed to Learning Environments During their Brain Development Stage

Upon birth, babies’ brains are clean slates that get influenced by their immediate environments. It’s no wonder every child comes with an innate sense of curiosity; every child comes to this world ready to learn so they can understand the happenings in their surroundings. And since 90% of their brain development happens in the first five years, it’s crucial that you sign your child up for pre-kindergarten education. This exposes your toddler to learning environments when they’re most impressionable.

The activities your child participates in before kindergarten determine how their brain’s foundation and how they’ll perceive the world moving forward. Signing your toddler up at an early education centre ensures their interactions are monitored and their behaviour moulded to prepare them for an easy and successful life.

Preschool caregivers focus on helping kids learn how to follow instructions because their curious minds can hinder them from concentrating on one activity at a time. All this is to influence a positive learning behaviour from the onset to eliminate the need for these kids to relearn it later in life.

Being in a Safe Environment Ignites their Passion for Learning

As a parent, it’s natural to want to spend as much time with your child before you sign them up at a learning institution. That’s why a good number of parents in Singapore haven’t embraced early education yet. Taking your child to a pre-kindergarten institution can feel like you’re cutting short the time you spend with your young one during their early years. The reality is that doing this allows your young one to develop independence and a passion for learning.

Pre-kindergarten international school in Singapore provides toddlers with a safe environment where they can discover their interests and hone their talents with the help of passionate and loving caregivers. Look at it this way: pre-school caregivers are like extended family members with whom your kids can have open dialogue, so you never have to worry about your young ones suffering in silence. And since they’re trained professionals who love what they do, they’ll be dedicated to building your child’s confidence and helping them discover their identity.

Taking your kids to preschool instead of staying home with them ignites their passion for learning. By the time they’re joining kindergarten, they’ll already want to be engaged in education and discover new things. This is thanks to preschool caregivers’ fun approach to learning and personalised relationship with every child.

However, when it comes to children with special needs, parents have to face certain social constructed challenges. For example, kids with special needs might not be able to fit themselves in regular school coursework. This is why it is important that parents find the right special school and enroll their children in it. This allows them to learn and develop in a holistic fashion according to a curriculum that has been solely created keeping in mind their challenges.

They Get an Opportunity to Learn Positive Social Behaviour at a Young Age

Have you ever wondered why adults are expected to know how to interact with people from all walks of life? Most people perceive social skills as an innate ability that everyone is born with. The reality is, like other life skills, social behaviour is learned and should be taught at a young age. So, to ensure your child doesn’t grow up to be a social pariah, be sure to sign them up at a pre-kindergarten institution. The educators will help your young one interpret verbal and non-verbal cues to ensure they have an easy time communicating their feelings and understanding other people.

A solid communications foundation ensures your child has an easy time forging lasting friendships and existing in social groups. You, too, will be a proud parent knowing that you’re raising an accountable individual who has the bandwidth to show compassion and is able to assess the safety of various social environments. What’s more, positive social behaviour gives your child the confidence to share their ideas in class and to stand up for themselves when peers attempt to step on their toes.

Final Words

The Singapore government prioritises early education because it acknowledges the significant role it plays in a child’s life. As a parent, you should take advantage of the affordability and accessibility in the early education sector to ensure your toddler gets the best start in life. Leaving your young one in the hands of professionals during their development stage ensures they’re armed with all life skills they need throughout life.

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