What Can I Do With a Social Work Degree?

Social workers dedicate their time and efforts to improving the quality of life for many in the community. There is a wide range of different environments in varying specialties to work.

A social work degree qualifies you for a career in various industries and shows your qualification to work in the specified roles. There are numerous opportunities available in hospitals, schools, or private practice. Here are some types of social work career fields you can consider:


Armed with a social work degree, you can fight for the rights of others in the community. You may work with organizations and other community members to improve public access to resources and fight against marginalization.


A degree in social work will help prepare you to conduct academic research in your community. You may also be viable to fill out research positions in other institutions. Your goal is to seek the advancement of knowledge through quantitative analysis. The degree prepares you to apply social work skills across different practice settings. You can work towards achieving your MSW advanced standing online. Online courses offer great flexibility and convenience.

Child Welfare

Many social workers specialize in the community’s care and protection of vulnerable children. It is the responsibility of social workers to ensure the children are raised and study in a safe and suitable environment. You may have to employ several measures to ensure they do not suffer any form of neglect or abuse.

Criminal Correction

Social workers such as probation officers work in the justice system by directly interacting with inmates in the prison system. It is up to you to advocate for the best conditions for your client in the justice system. Other social workers in the justice system include conflict mediators and transitional case managers.

Public Welfare

Social workers with efficient leadership skills may be best suited to work in the public welfare system. There are positions in organizations and agencies that champion the improvement of the living standards in the community. You may be tasked with the supervision of the projects. A social work degree will provide the needed academic foundation to venture into several careers, such as:

  • Mental health social worker – As a mental health social worker, you are primarily tasked with promoting the mental health of the people you work with. There are employment opportunities in healthcare facilities.
  • School social workers – School social workers, form a meaningful connection between the students, school, and families. You may deal with case management, conflict resolution, and championing the children’s rights.
  • Military social worker – It is your responsibility to provide care and assistance to active members of the military as well as veterans. Military social workers help them and their families deal with the physical, mental, and social problems that arise due to their service, especially when transitioning to a civilian lifestyle.
  • Geriatric social worker – Such social workers provide care and support to senior citizens. There are available job opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices.
  • Medical social worker – As a medical social worker, you will also work in healthcare facilities to assist patients and their families. Such social workers are often part of teams that collaborate to ease their psychological and emotional suffering.

Social workers play an essential role in the community. You will likely have more career success with a social work degree than on the traditional path. A social work degree teaches transferable skills that you can apply in several other careers apart from traditional social work. Experienced social workers also gain valuable skills that can often lead them to unforeseen career paths in the future.