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4 Tips to Stay Productive When Studying From Home

With the pandemic, we learned that a lot of things can be done from home, including working and learning through homeschool in San Jose. In fact, a lot of work would continue to be done from home because it has proven to be a setup that actually works.

While students are starting to go back to face-to-face classes, with COVID-19 still around, a lot of time would still be spent safely at home. Even virtual tutoring works, especially if you are working with an established home tuition agency that invests in great virtual learning platforms.

While working and studying from home have indeed been proven to be feasible, among the core issues that have been raised from the beginning is how to maintain productivity. In order to keep learning productivity high even while at home, here are some tips from us that you can practice with your child:

Productivity Tip # 1: Set the right environment for studying

Setting an environment that is conducive for studying is a great start in promoting productive learning from home. Your child would appreciate having a dedicated space where he can focus on studying.

In as much as possible, study areas should be separate from your child’s room because there would be a lot of possible sources of distraction in the bedroom such as toys, tv, and gaming consoles. A dedicated study room would bring great results.

If it would not be feasible to have a separate study room. At least ensure that your child’s room does not have a lot of distractions.

Productivity Tip # 2: Set a learning schedule

Study habits start with setting a routine, and this can be done by coming up with a schedule. Dedicate a decent amount of time for studying, and teach your child to focus on studying during this time. Also schedule home tuition services at this time. Then, as a reward, set a similarly decent amount of time for fun and recreation afterwards so your child would feel rewarded.

With a schedule like this, your child would find it normal to study at certain hours, ignoring distractions, and to then relax afterwards. Stick to this routine and your child would not only be productive, but would also learn the essence of time management – a skill that would help him out a lot as he grows up.

Productivity Tip # 3: Equip your child with the right tools

Both in terms of supplies and software, your child would benefit from having the right learning tools. He can be productive if he has a decent computer, as well as access to digital learning materials. Of course, your child would also benefit from having tangible school supplies as well.

So consider all these when planning your child’s study area, and make sure to maintain such supplies.

Productivity Tip # 4: Set learning goals, and reward your child for reaching learning milestones

Having a great reward system is an effective way in motivating your child to be more productive in learning.

Work with your child in arriving at learning goals that he or she should aim for, and that you should reward him or her for as he reaches these goals.

By doing this, you are encouraging your child to do his best in studying, and your child will appreciate being rewarded and would really do his absolute best.

Studying from home can be done as long as productivity can be ensured. The tips above are some effective ways in promoting learning productivity as your child studies from home. Do these, and your child would definitely practice productive study habits even while at the safety of your home. visit: