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It doesn’t matter if you are in your first year or final year because college is challenging. If you don’t have the right apps, you will encounter numerous problems. You will not be organized, understanding will be a problem, and you will feel like giving up. On the other hand, if you have efficient apps, you will have a smooth life and graduate quickly. No one enjoys taking many years in school because of failing. It isn’t easy to get apps that can work perfectly for you, but you will find the ones that will work for you if you dig deep. When you select relevant apps, you will just be wasting your own time. You don’t have to worry about great apps because this article will help you with that. Numerous apps make studying fun and easy, and that is what every student wants. MyPaperWriter will assist you to identify the best apps that you should not miss.

Khan Academy 

Some professors in college do not know how to explain concepts adequately. They are in a hurry to complete the syllabus and only proceed with the few students that understand. Some courses are challenging to understand, and even if you read a couple of times, you will not grasp anything. Khan Academy is the solution for you because it will assist you in handling different subjects. You can use the application at any time of your choice; it has excellent videos of various topics. After going through the issue, there are exercises you can try to understand better. It is free of charge, and you get to enjoy the services.


If you have difficulty understanding a book, worry not. If you have limited time and cannot read, analyze and digest, there is no need to panic. SparkNotes got you covered. The app is unique because you can access chapter summaries together with questions for books. You can also decide to take quizzes to have a better understanding. If you think that you have to pay, you are wrong because it is free.

Wolfram Alpha 

It is perfect and can assist you with your assignment. If you are taking stem courses, you are lucky. It will help you to solve mathematical problems starting from statistical quantity to many more. Moreover, it has more knowledge of different things. If you are having problems with solving math questions, this is the app that you should consider.


Most people fancy learning different languages. If you are a fan, Duolingo got you covered. However, when you study a new language without referring somewhere or getting help, you can get confused and make mistakes. Duolingo allows you to learn a different language from scratch. It helps you review vocabulary and see the conjugated verbs that get used in sentences. When you use the app, you will get the chance to listen and write to master the concepts. You can also take a test to know if you are on the right track.


Google is life-saving. It acts as a search engine but plays other roles apart from that. It has practical tools that are great for learners. If you get a google account, you will access Gmail and other free apps. You will also get a chance to access Docs, slides, sheets, and many more. Google is convenient because everything gets saved on the cloud. You can use any device to check your documents, emails, and many more wherever you are. The apps work together hand in hand; that is the best thing about google.


You get the chance to take notes and read them later. It is perfect if you want to make to-do lists. You can also organize your projects by using Evernote. It plays a massive role in saving pages, scanning documents, and storing your files. Evernote is perfect and easy to use. If you want to detect important information, you can access it by searching for a word. It is capable of searching for PDF.


Flashcards are essential in college. They give you a chance to learn vocabulary or memorize vital concepts. It is free of charge. It is a digital app that makes work easier for you. You will not get devastated because of losing your flashcards. You get a chance to create flashcards if you use the app. The app will keep you on your toes because it sets reminders for you and tracks your reading process. If you are a fan of procrastinating, this is the app for you.


It is inappropriate to submit your paper with grammatical errors. Grammarly is efficient because it corrects the mistakes for you. Grammarly makes work easier for you. It gives you the confidence you deserve by making sure your papers have no errors. There is a free version that you can access at any time. If you want to enjoy more futures, you have to pay for a premium subscription.

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