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At the present stage, it is very important to solve the problem of improving the quality of training of future professionals. The modern education system feels the need to increase the number of independent work of students. In order to develop students’ skills in solving professional problems under new, critical conditions, it is considered effective to include in the educational process elements of active learning in the form of solving problem situations.

Problem-based learning is one of the areas of scientific research in the field of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the educational process. This type of learning is considered today as one of the effective means of developing mental strength, cognitive activity, independence, and creative thinking.

Despite its great importance, problem-based learning is difficult for students. Young people are not always able to solve difficult assignments because they lack knowledge and life experience. Fortunately, today everyone can get professional help from homework experts at My Assignment Lab, for example, and cope with any assignment done online in the best way possible. Prices for custom papers are affordable and the quality pleases every customer.

Read below in detail about what a problem-solving assignment is and find useful tips on how to deal with writing yourself.

What Is a Problem Solving Assignment and How Does It Differ from Regular College Assignments?

Problem-based learning involves consistent and focused cognitive assignments that students solve under the guidance of a teacher and actively acquire new knowledge. A problem assignment is a form of organization of educational material, which requires students to analyze the facts and clarify the cause and effect, i.e. the activation of mental activity.

However, it is important to note that the use of theoretical and experimental assignments in itself does not make learning problematic. It all depends on the extent to which the teacher manages to give these assignments a problematic nature and combine the problem approach with other methodological approaches. The assignment becomes a cognitive problem if it requires reflection on the problem, and arouses students’ cognitive interest, based on previous experience. The main ways and methods of creating problem situations include the following:

  • The problem situation is created as a result of acquainting students with different interpretations of the same phenomenon, fact, etc.;
  • The problem situation arises when the student is faced with new practical conditions for the use of existing knowledge;
  • The condition for the emergence of a problem situation is also the contradiction between the theoretically possible way to solve the problem and the practically achieved result of the assignment and the lack of its theoretical justification.

Problem assignments have some characteristic features compared to regular college assignments:

  • They provide for the specific intellectual activity of the student in independent assimilation of new concepts by solving educational problems, which ensures a conscious, deep, and strong assimilation of knowledge and the formation of logical-theoretical and intuitive thinking;
  • They are the most effective way of forming a worldview since in the process of problem learning the features of critical, creative, and dialectical thinking are formed;
  • Provide a connection with the life of problem situations, which is especially effective for the relationship between theoretical and practical material;
  • Each student perceives the problem differently, which leads to a variety of hypotheses and finding different ways to solve the assignment;
  • The high emotional activity of students is envisaged due to the fact that their active mental activity is inextricably linked with the sensory-emotional sphere of mental activity.

Practice shows that problem assignments can be used at different stages of the learning process:

  • At the stage of acquiring new knowledge (problem lectures);
  • At the stage of knowledge awareness, formation, and consolidation of skills (creating problem situations and solving problems during seminars or practical classes, solving problems while doing independent work, writing essays, term papers, dissertations, master’s theses, projects, etc.

Useful Writing Tips for Completing Problem Solving Assignment

Here are some important tips to help students cope with a problem-solving assignment quickly and efficiently:

  1. When solving any problem, you should follow the following algorithm: awareness, acceptance, and formulation of the problem; the emergence of hypotheses and their proof; checking the solution according to the problem posed;
  2. The solution of any problem situation should begin with its analysis, identifying connections, relationships, identifying tasks to solve it, finding answers and hypotheses, synthesis and comparison of the most valuable and meaningful ideas, and then generalizing and choosing the right decision with further analysis and verification of the correctness of the decision;
  3. It is advisable to use the following groups of methods: explanatory-illustrative method, reproductive method, a problem-solving method, partial-search or heuristic, and research method. They will allow finding the most effective ways to solve the assignment;
  4. Do not give up when faced with difficulties. It is worth looking for ways to solve the problem. You can use brainstorming technology, search for theoretical material on the Internet, visit the library, conduct surveys, etc.;
  5. After completing the problem-solving assignment, you should clearly define the results achieved, describe the difficulties you had to face, make recommendations, etc.

Thus, the technology of problem-based learning orients students to the development of mental abilities and independence. The learning process is based on the value orientations of a student and the structure of his/her beliefs. Despite the complexity of the problem-solving assignments, rest assured that you can handle them if you follow the tips above.

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