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Maths is a discipline that many people around the world cannot comprehend. Only 5% of learners can master STEM subjects without someone’s assistance. Other 95% need helpers who can explain complex notions. Maths is not only about doing sums. It includes a variety of subjects as a theory of numbers, Algebra, Analysis, and Geometry. A person must think logically and use patterns to benefit from this discipline in real life.

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of math mistakes that people make everywhere. The most common errors concern stores and supermarkets. Sad but true, managers do not care about numbers when providing labels with discounts. Some mistakes are so silly that school children devote stories to them saying, “Foolish adults! They make us learn Math in school but cannot minus and add even in the era of calculators!” Isn’t that a shame? stresses the importance of learning under the supervision of experts. They can find an individual approach to struggling students and help them even with the most difficult assignment. The best way out is to avoid such mistakes by learning the basics and more complex notions when needed. Where can a person use Mathematics in the real world? What mistakes may be fatal?

Life Spheres That Can Be Hardly Imagined without Maths

Students often do not see the point in learning Math. Who needs it? What for? Indeed, we use it daily but do not notice the process. Today, the school curriculum demands STEM projects from students. It is the best option to test their creativity, thinking, problem-solving, and ability to use knowledge in the real world. Where is Mathematics essential?


It is impossible to build a skyscraper or at least a one-storage house without calculations. A constructor, an architect, and a cashier must definitely know the size of each detail, the quantity and quality of materials, the budget, the time required to accomplish work, and other details of construction.

Do you remember homework that sounds like “How many A4 sheets will you need to cover a 40cm x 90cm wall in the school hall?”  To do this task, you will need to measure each side of a paper, find out the area, and do calculations to provide the answer. That is how constructors search for the amount of paint, wood, bricks, nails, etc.

You can offer to create STEM projects that relate to planning and constructing wooden or paper houses. How much time will it take? What tools and materials will you need? A single mistake might result in uneven walls or lack of tools and, consequently, unfinished projects. Though, a student learns how important Math planning is.


Stores do not just sell products. They receive them, hire shop-assistants and cleaning personnel, pay electricity bills, provide prices by adding percentages, and calculate losses and profit. Shopping can become an excellent topic for a STEM project. Students can try to find out the total cost of beverages. They will need to find their initial price, add a percentage, and not forget to include other factors like electricity for refrigerators, salaries, rent, etc.

Such assignments require logic and Maths. Specialists from the Do My Math Homework service can guide students in their projects. Teachers always appreciate such homework and reward students’ efforts with the highest grades. Undergraduates can think of a more complex task as to plan a budget for a week or month for a grocery. Mistakes in shopping lead to financial losses and even the bankruptcy of the owner and the succeeding unemployment of the staff.


Yes, simple cooking is not so simple at all. If a baker adds too much yeast, the dough will not be of the required consistency, and the bread will smell and taste like yeast. That is why beginners use recipes when cooking something. It is especially important to know the amount of salt and pepper when making dried meat or canned vegetables. Not spicy soup can be fixed by adding more spices even at mealtime while nothing can fix the taste of pickles that lack salt.

As for the STEM projects, cooking is a perfect choice for beginners who teach to convert Celsius into Fahrenheit, pounds into kilos, and grams into tablespoons. Though we have installed converters in our smartphones, we often need to measure something without them. Students can make sandwiches at school and experiment with proportions of ingredients to create a perfect recipe.


Have you ever thought about the schedules of buses, planes, and trains? All of them differ because buses consider traffic problems and speed limitations, planes must consider time zones, and trains are to check timetables of other trains that use the same rails on cross points. When the navigator goes out of order, a person must be able to calculate the remaining time and the distance using a map and traffic signs.

As for the STEM project, you can try to plan your trip from your school to a school in the neighboring town using maps and compasses. What for? It is safer to know the way without 100% technology dependence. What will a student do in case of a battery alert? What if the chosen territory has a poor Internet connection? Proper calculation and planning will help students be on time at the destination place and plan stops for rest with comfort but not in unknown places.

Time Management

This skill is one of the most valuable in the XXI century. The speed of life makes us adapt to changes. Employers require flexible employees. How to manage all home assignments without sacrifice to personal life? That is an excellent idea for your STEM projects. For example, how much time do I need to outline a Maths dissertation to perform it before the deadline and succeed in school performance?


This sphere is the most responsible. How many pills or injections does a patient need to recover from disease? What dose will be enough, and what dose can kill? A STEM project in Chemistry, Biology, and Math can be challenging, but the result will impress. A student will understand how it is hard to be a pharmacological company that is going to test the product without harm to volunteers.


Doing exams by memorizing math still happens with the students. It will not affect their study but in the future when they come to prepare for government and banking exams, they will suffer a lot. Some centers provide banking exam preparation material pdf to practice their math. Though they have to know the basics. So it is not too late to start preparing for exams if you desire to be. Start practicing the basics and materials provided.

Assignment help online is ready to assist in STEM projects anytime to let students master Math and avoid mistakes in real life.

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