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How many times have we all heard that academic writing and personal touch do not mix? Probably, a lot. The majority of students are used to the idea that research papers and all of the other types of academic assignments must not include any signs of your personality. While such a statement is somewhat legit and you should not include anecdotes alongside factual research data, we still believe that showing a little bit of your personality in your academic writing assignments is important. This statement is also applicable if you decide to order essays from a professional ghostwriter. So, let’s go over what exactly makes personal touch an integral part of academic writing even though many people would disagree.

Communication Is The Key

Sometimes when a student has a pile of assignments to write, they might get lost or confused with what they are writing about or what the deadline is. We should all remember that we are all human beings and your professor will surely give you a helping hand once you ask for it. Don’t be afraid to talk to your professor about questions or difficulties you experience with various assignments. When you are at university, you should use all the chances you have to acquire knowledge and explore your potential. However, if you are in a truly difficult situation, you can order a draft essay online or get help compiling your materials. Writing agencies like EduBirdie can help you with academic writing by providing you with research materials or outlines ready to be used. It is important to remember that you can find almost anything if you are looking for it.

Bring Unique Perspective Into Your Writing

You may have noticed that we mentioned your approach to completing the assignment, and this is because it is one of the aspects of writing that is affected by your personal touch. As unique individuals, we tend to analyze and discuss the same facts differently. Even if the conclusions we make are the same, the explanation and reasoning behind them may not be. By following your personality and not a standardized set of analysis guidelines, you will be able to not only enjoy the writing process but also present a unique perspective on the subject of your discussion and make a valuable contribution to the world of academics.

More than that, it is objectively easier to analyze and discuss a subject you can personally relate to. Even if you’re writing about something that has no evident connection to your experiences or day-to-day life, understanding the concept and approaching it in the way that works best for you will make the process of completing the assignment easy and enjoyable. Besides, the reader will notice this as well. Whether it is your professor, a friend, or a groupmate that reviews your piece of academic writing, they will notice that the paper is not a result of your hand but quite the opposite.

Language Reflects Your Personality

First of all, it is important to understand the fact that our personalities, experiences, and everything in between affects our language, word choice, and writing style. You probably remember how your high school literature teacher would want you to review and discuss the meaning behind blue curtains on the character’s window or the importance of the weather being mentioned. While many of us used to laugh at it, such a task shows that every person has their own view on the world and subsequently, chooses different means and notions to describe it, which is reflected in their writing.

Language and personality are tightly interwoven, and they both affect one another simultaneously. If two people were to describe the same event, they both would focus on different details and incorporate different imagery. Such can also be applied to one’s writing style. Regardless of whether you want to believe it or not, our personal experiences and beliefs affect even unbiased and objective academic writing works. Language becomes the code that encrypts and mirrors everything that makes you the person you are, whether you are a regular student or a professional writer.


Even if you have been taught that academic writing is not the right time and place for self-expression, we believe that these points might inspire you to change your perspective. Although going into details of your childhood memories when writing a final research paper is not ideal, you must still acknowledge the fact that every written piece you produce is a reflection of you as a person. From taking the best (for you) approach to analyzing the facts to choosing the most descriptive wording, you will always leave a personal touch in academic writing, and this is not a bad thing.

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