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High-Quality Preschool: Why We Need It and What It Looks Like

In the past, parents sent their kids to preschools to give them time to attend to their duties and go to work. Today, the role of these institutions has greatly changed, and most psychologists and educators agree that these institutions play a crucial role in the educational development and growth of a kid. If you have a child that you intend to take to preschool, the big task may lie in the choice of the institution you select for them.

Knowing the best preschool can be difficult with so many preschools in the country. In fact, some people suggest that you need to do your research for several months before your kid starts schooling. While this can help, if you don’t know what a high-quality preschool looks like and why you need it, finding the right institution for your kid will be a great challenge. This article explores some key reasons you need to enrol your kid in a preschool Singapore and highlights the key features of high-quality daycare centers.

Why Your Kid Needs a Preschool

The foundation for your kid’s education begins in preschool. This is the time they are introduced to the world of formal education. In most cases, you will find that kids have been exposed to some form of learning before going to a preschool. However, this is not enough for them to be prepared for what they will face in the future.

Your kid needs a preschool to:

Learn to Get Along with Other Children

After your kid is exposed to other kids in preschool, they will learn how to get along. In most cases, this happens through play, and even if your child has a habit of fighting or being violent with other kids, these institutions can help them change their behavior.

Learn How to Behave in a Group Setting

Kids who’re used to doing things alone may find it difficult to handle tasks in group settings. This may happen even if they’re well-behaved at home because they’re used to doing things on their terms and not following instructions from others. A high-quality preschool can help them get used to working as part of a team and taking instructions from peers and teachers.

Fine-Tune Their Motor Skills

Fine motor skills refer to the ability of your kid’s hands, fingers, and mouth, among other muscles involved in the body, to perform tasks like eating and writing. If your kid hasn’t gone to preschool, they may find it difficult to hold a pencil when they start school. This can be a major problem because their teacher will expect them to be able to write well as soon as they get into the classroom. But kids who attend these institutions learn how to handle daily activities and experience fewer challenges when they get older.

Develop Their Social Skills

If your kid has never been around other kids for an extended period, you should consider enrolling them in preschool to develop their social skills with other children of their age group. Even if you’ve raised them yourself and done everything right, they need to learn how to socialize to succeed.

Features of a High-Quality Pre-school

An Excellent Reputation

Most top preschools are known for their friendly atmosphere, welcoming environment, and engaging curriculum. You can know if a preschool has a good reputation by contacting parents whose kids attend the institution or approaching parents during pickup time and asking them about the school. However, it would help if you were careful in your interviews. Some disgruntled parents may discourage you from enrolling your kid in that school. So, ensure you observe the kids and interview as many people as possible.

Low Teacher Turnover

Preschools can face a major challenge if they have a high teacher turnover rate. Low turnover could indicate that there are problems with management within the institution. Research indicates that schools with highly-qualified teachers excel in studies and extracurricular activities and build strong relationships with students.

Excellent Discipline

In high-quality preschools, discipline is used as a training tool rather than a punishment. Such schools teach kids to resolve conflicts, self-regulate, and use courteous language to express their feelings. They also engage kids in various activities to prevent them from misbehaving. Their teachers are also trained to speak well with upset learners and handle conflicts in a way that doesn’t encourage rebellion.

Engaging Curriculum

Although kids attend school to gain academic knowledge, an excellent preschool should engage kids in activities that stimulate them and make learning fun. Such schools should have routines that have time for socializing, physical activities, snacking, watching TVs and videos, playing, napping, and quiet times. The curriculum should target their social, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When your kid leaves such a school, they should learn how to count letters and numbers and be able to identify the objects within their immediate environment.

The Bottom Line

Enrolling your kid in a high-quality preschool may be necessary if you want them to grow into all-around citizens. These schools will ensure that your child gains the right academic knowledge that will establish their foundation for future learning. They’ll also unravel your kid’s talents and other abilities that they require to coexist with other people and succeed in life.