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One of the most complex parts of learning a new language is determining the grammar rules. However, English grammar can seem pretty easy as opposed to some languages. But many people make small mistakes that can easily change the context of what they want to say. Without a doubt, it is something that is different. If you wish to learn and speak English fluently, you might be scrolling on the web for tricks and hacks that can help you avoid looking like a fool. Stop surfing because you are reading the right post today. Here, we have dropped a detailed list of crucial rules you must keep in mind when playing with English. Without further ado. Let’s get into the flow of information.

5 Essential Rules of English Grammar You Should Know!

Before diving into the rules, we want you to know the English language facts. Generally, English is a versatile or international language that helps you communicate with anyone from all over the world – no matter their accent. Here, you can take an example of anyone who has to deal with international clients to sell or tell about their services or products.

Now, the best weapon to convince them is your words. And that’s why learning the English language is crucial for almost everyone. Here, the best part is not to make mistakes when speaking or writing. Well! You can take help from grammar check tools while writing in English. But still, you need to learn the grammar rules to speak smoothly – while talking to anyone in English.

#1: Correct Usage of Adjective and Adverbs

The first thing that every English language speaker knows is the correct usage of adverbs and adjectives. Adjectives define, recognize, and quantify people or things. And most probably, it goes in front of a noun. You can not change an adjective when a noun is a plural. On the other hand, adverbs qualify verbs, articles, and other adjectives. Most probably, they come after the verb. Here you can take an example of a sentence: He’s a fast swimmer. It is an adjective. However, if you turn this sentence

He swims faster. Then, you are using an adverb in it. So, this is what makes your sentence structure straightforward in the same context.

#2: Sentence construction

A fluent and flowing English is all! You have to make sure that when you think about something before spitting it, you should align it correctly. For example, you think to say: You are doing it right. Instead, you said you are right doing it. Then, the order of the words and the sentence’s meaning will sound pathetic. It implies whether you write or speak, the sentence construction should be correct. If you want to improve this thing and still want to communicate in a better way, you can use English grammar check online by Smallseotools. It helps you do a free grammar check and suggest the correct grammar while highlighting your mistake.


#3: Connect your ideas with conjunctions

Here enters another crucial rule that you should learn. Well! It is all about the ways you connect your ideas with conjunctions. Generally, conjunction implies a word or phrase that combines two ideas and adds coordination in the sentence. For example, I’m learning English. English is essential. This sentence can turn out to be: I’m learning English because it’s essential. That is how you link your sentences.

#4: Word Consistency

Consistency implies staying direct and conveying your message without any hurdles. In other words, it states the regularity of words. Here, you can take an example of a paragraph where the particular context is defined in a stretchy way. The words are repeating, and the phrases are hard to read. That is what is against consistency in the English language. Your prime goal must be to make your words easy to understand for the reader and the listener. You can use Grammar Check Tools to know how you speak English while being consistent.

#5: Use the Simple Present Tense

Last but not least! Yet another English grammar rule is to start with your voice. Yes, you read that right! Every human conversation starts with an active (present sentence) with the subject. It works for both – when you write and speak in English. You can recall the rules in your academics that urge you not to use passive voice in your writings. The same thing still applies here. If you want to know the correct usage of the simple present tense, you can access online writing assistants such as grammar check tools.


Learning all these grammar rules is time-consuming, and you also require some leadership to put them into practice. However, the best way to become self-confident and skillful in using them correctly is through an online grammar checker. They are the best assistants that assist you and point you out with every word. So, be mindful and follow the rules that we have mentioned above.

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