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Certification can make a big difference to a person’s resume. Recruiters nowadays are looking for people who have good certifications and the latest knowledge. It acts as a USP and helps in getting a successful career. In this competitive world, having the latest skills is the need of the hour. Some people go for higher studies while some go for certifications. The latter option much opts because it demands less time, money, and energy.

Going for the latest certifications helps in increasing the probability of getting a good job and promotions in the existing organization. During this time when the competition is skyrocketing in the corporate world, having the right kind of skills and knowledge is very important. Not only does the certificate matter but the institute from which you pursue the course makes all the difference.

One of the best courses one can opt for is the Six Sigma certification. It helps in making the business process finer, smoother, and better. The process working is free from errors and it helps in reducing the deviation in the process. During the course, one gets to learn the skill of improving the business process and reducing operational costs. When the process becomes smooth, customer satisfaction also increases.

Accredited courses have their value. Six Sigma is an accredited and universally accepted course. It has three levels that are green belt, black belt, and master black belt. The duration of the course is around 2 months for each level, followed by an objective test.  The levels can be completed and mentioned in chronological order only.

Six Sigma Course Curriculum:

Six Sigma is a detailed course that helps in learning all the tools to improve the business process. The techniques involved in the course are efficient and unique. It includes DMADV which I used to make the new process apt while DMAIC is to remove variability from the existing projects.

The DMAIC technique includes:

  • Define: In this phase, the main task is to discover the problems and pain points. Tools include the voice of the customer, project charter, etc.
  • Measure: After discovering the problem, the project is narrowed down. This is done by converting all the VOCs identified in the last phase to critical quality. The VOC is converted into a quantifiable entity which is known as a key performance indicator. After this statistical tools are used.
  • Analyze: In this phase, we identify the root cause of the problem. Going in-depth is the solution.
  • Improve: Here we evaluate the solution that has come up and try to optimize it.
  • Control: Maintaining the same state is important. Here we try to remain improved and validate the pros of the project. During the course, one gets to learn a lot of things. Various tools and techniques are taught during the tenure. It includes:
  • Project charter
  • Fishbone diagram
  • Process mapping
  • Regression tools
  • Minitab
  • DMAIC techniques
  • DMADV techniques, etc

The level and details of the concepts increase with each level.

Need of the course:

  • Six Sigma helps in increasing the knowledge skillset of the person. You get to learn the latest techniques to improve the process.
  • With time the demand of the customer differs. The company succeeds when it adheres to consumer behavior. With changing demand the business process needs to be changed too.
  • The operational cost decreases. When the process achieves the six sigma level, it operates fabulously. The value of six sigma is 3.4 defects per million opportunities, which is near to perfect.

Features of Six Sigma Course:

Some of the features of Six Sigma certification are as follows:

  • Project Management
  • Business Acumen
  • Communication
  • Project Management
  • Team Leader and Player
  • Change Leadership
  • Passion
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Fun
  • Technical Aptitude
  • Result Oriented

There are many providers of the course, but the type of knowledge imparted by a good institute makes all the difference. One should be careful about it.

Here are some of the best Six Sigma Certification providers in 2022:

  1. ISEL Global Education: International Society For Executive Learning, and ISO 9001 & ISO IEC 17024 accredited body, helps in the career progression of professionals by offering top-quality Lean Six Sigma courses. The institute offered internationally accredited courses with enhanced expertise and top-class trainers. The tools and services offered are of top quality. They also offer a chance to get hands-on practice on live projects. The members of the institute comprise veterans from across 70 countries and more than 80,000 alumni of Lean Six Sigma. The curriculum is set by The ASQ Body of Knowledge and certification comes with global accreditation and affiliation with IASSC, CSSC, American Board USA, and the UKAC United Kingdom. With years of experience, it is one of the most trusted and recognized names in this domain.
  2. VAR Sigma: It is an operational strategy consulting firm that focuses on Lean six sigma certification. They have top-class trainers and help the professionals to pursue this course at their own pace and comfort. The classroom training is provided by teachers who have years of experience in this field. The certificate of Lean Six Sigma is accredited by Exemplar Global. It is universally accepted and valued.
  3. Manipal Prolearn: It is a leading institute in the field of six sigma certification. The courses are designed to assist working professionals and enhance their skills. The knowledge and expertise of the trainers help the applicants to understand the topic in and out. It is a reputed institute and the enrolment cost is also nominal.
  4. AIG: It is one of the premier institutes of Lean Six Sigma which offers quality training and certifications. The trainers focus on project excellence, reducing the deviation and errors in the process and process excellence. Through these techniques that are taught in the course, customer satisfaction is increased drastically. The certificate is internationally recognized.
  5. KPMG Academy: The institute offers to consult and training services across the globe. They offer result-oriented training and guide you towards career progression at a nominal cost. It is an ISO 29990:2010 certified organization that offers services like skill development, content service, assessment centers, training, etc. By far, the institute has trained around 23000+ students/professionals. It offers two courses that are Six Sigma green belt and black belt. The trainers help in developing problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.
  6. ASQ: It offers professional training certification that too of global quality. The institute offers classroom training which is useful in learning the concepts better. The institute is affiliated with Exemplar Global which is a global-level organization. They provide training and certifications to professionals and help in leveraging their careers. The cost of their courses is also nominal.
  7. ISI: Indian Statistical Institute is one of the oldest training institutes in India. Lean Six Sigma helps in reducing the variability in business processes and manufacturing. Though the institute is not of much value as compared to the competitors. During the course, one gets to learn a lot of concepts like statistical methods, empirical methods, analytical tools, etc. During the course, one gets to learn how to reduce the cycle time, reduce the cost of the process, improve customer satisfaction, increase profit and reduce pollution.
  8. Quantum HR Solutions: The institute offers a 3 months training course on lean six sigma. The applicants are taught to modify the business process to meet the need of the hour. All the errors and deviations in the process are removed to achieve the six sigma level. It is done using the DMADV and DMAIC techniques. During the course, the industry experts help in training the course from a practical point of view. Various projects and assignments are given to improve the practical exposure.
  9. AIMS Institute of Management Studies: Apart from offering part-time and full-time courses, the institute also offers a Lean Six Sigma course. They conduct workshops and leader development programs. The institute offers global-level education. With the top class training, they make you job-ready. Quality teaching helps in understanding the concept better. The course cost is pocket friendly.
  10. Simplilearn: The institute offers a course that helps the individual to learn to boost the business productivity by reducing the errors in the business process. It is a 1-year course. Detailed concepts are taught followed by a test that needs to be passed in order to get the certificate. Concepts like DMAIC, DMADV, analytical thinking, regression, project charters, etc are taught in detail. The institute also offers the opportunity to work on live projects to get practical exposure.

Career Benefits of Six Sigma Certification:

Some of the career benefits are as follows:

  • Professionals with six sigma certification are well paid. It helps in getting you a good package and high profile job.
  • Increase Your Value Across Industries. This skill is rare in the industry.
  • One gets the opportunity to work on industrial projects to get exposure. One improves the business processes by reducing risks and eliminating errors. Variability is reduced which makes the process more defined.
  • Improve employee acceptance across various MNCs and good companies.

Companies are paying much attention to this skill. The enhanced process helps in increasing customer satisfaction and inbuilt customer loyalty. Though this skill is in demand there is a limited supply. So what are you waiting for? Apply to ISEL Global Education, one of the top-rated and most recommended institutes in Asia to take your career to new heights. With the right kind of education, career progression becomes very easy. Six Sigma certification will surely help you in reaching that height!

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