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We often strain ourselves by using coffee to keep us awake when preparing for our final examinations. One important thing you miss is the importance of quality reading over the number of materials you have read. Such a method of studying makes you unprepared and tired. When you get to the exam hall, you cannot recall what you read, and you are confused to the extent that you forget the basic concepts of your course that you had in mind. You can read and keep rereading your notes, but that is not the best strategy to use if you intend to be a competent and faster learner. ThesisHelpres aims to provide you with some of the best methods of smart and fast learning that will aid you in understanding what you have studied and perform well in your studies.

Some of the methods you can use to be a smart, and fast learner are;

Practice Testing

Practise Testing is a low stake testing that your instructor can do to check on your mastery. A formative assessment can be done to determine what you know and what you do not know. It is a straightforward and quick way for your professor to find out what is known and by who. The testing makes you aware you know and what you do not know. Your professor can then adjust learning plans to be simple enough and effective so that you can focus and allocate more time studying what you do not know than wasting your time learning what you already know. From certain studies, it was found out that the method made 80% of participants remember what they studied, making it a highly efficient way of learning fast and smart.

Practice learning is effective because it has a direct effect in that you will have a changed mindset on how you approach a quiz, store information, and pay attention. It also has a mediated effect in that you can establish a connection between cues and targets. You can organize information in your brain well with practice testing and figure out ways to easily retrieve information when required during a test, something you may usually be finding difficulty with.

Distributed Practice

Distributed Practice method of learning is concerned with how well you can schedule your study session. Scheduling matters as it influences your capabilities to memorize and store what you have learned. It is essential always to have time to take breaks during study sessions to break down information studies in an easy way for hour brain to remember and grasp the content. The approach at first may not be practical as you may fail to recall information immediately at the beginning, but in the long-term, you will remember what you have learned more easily.


Self-Explanation is a learning method in which you are prompted to explain the principles in your study materials. Being able to explain makes it easier to use the principles in the future. From the method, you can outperform yourself in quizzes or tasks that require applying the learned principles.

The only setback of the technique is its irrelevance in some situations, depending on what you are learning. But, basically, as long as you can explain your work, you can use the same skills in the future to solve a problem.

Interleaved Practice

Interleaved Practice method involves interloping an old skill with a new study or lesson. It provides a cumulative effect of learning by relating the present to past learned skills or lessons. It heavily depends on what you are studying because sometimes the concepts cannot be interleaved.  But if it works, you can better understand the subjects you are studying and build connections of concepts and ideas that will make you solve problems quickly and transfer your understanding of concepts to others.

Elaborative Interrogation

The Elaborative Interrogation learning method aims to prompt you to explain the facts that have been stated. The approach activates your schemata, helping you to develop ideas from what you already know to explain and provide an answer to a “Why?” question. Therefore, you need to have background information about the topic to clarify and expand your knowledge from further analysis and different viewpoints obtained from basic details you possess.


Summarizing is all about getting the main point accurately from your learning materials. The method can help you to remember concepts easily. However, it cannot be effective if you transfer the information to a party with no knowledge background about the summarised topics. Check out other methods, provided by professional best assignment services.

Keyword Mnemonics

The keyword Mnemonics method involves the creation of abbreviations or acronyms to aid in the remembrance of ideas. It is not an efficient method as you may take a significant amount of time to create them and finally to memorize them.

There are other smart and fast methods of learning, such as highlighting, rereading, and using imagery though they are not as effective as practice testing and distributed practice. To enhance your reading experience, engage various methods explained to determine the best that works for you, saves you time, and promotes no further pointless reading late in the night.

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