Aerial acid Formula

Further, it can be prepared by mixing CO2 and water together in equilibrium state to form carbonic acid partially and form CO2 or water reversibly.

Aerial acid Formula = \( CO_2 + H_2O ⇌ H_2CO_3 \)

CO2= Carbon dioxide,

It is suitable for a variety of industrial grades too like fermentation, fossil-fuels burning, and more. The density of the solution is taken around 1.668 g/mol and consider non-soluble in nature. Further, this is a weal acid too and cannot be considered toxic or hazardous to health.

What is Aerial acid?

The aerial acid is weak and inorganic in nature. This is generally taken as the CO2 solution in water and exists in solution form too. It could be defined as the best component for aerated drinks like soda drinks that are used frequently in our daily lives. The chemical formula for the compound is H2CO3 and the molecular mass is 62.03 g/mol approximately.

Aerial acid Structure

The chemical structure of the compound could be given as below –

By looking at the structure, this is clear that it is made up of two carboxyl groups and two hydroxyl groups. It is diprotic in nature and has the capability of releasing two protons together. This is a weak acidic thermal too due to the presence of stronger OH bonds.

Now let us look at the real-life examples where it could be easily seen in human bodies inside the bloodstream and readily reacts with water to form the carbonic acid. It is also exhaled as gas from the lungs and its presence can also be felt inside rocks or caves to dissolve the limestone. Other examples of the natural occurrence of the compound are groundwater, oceans, coals, meteors, etc.