What is Carbonic Acid?

The carbonic acid is weak and inorganic in nature that is also taken as the solution of CO2 in water. This can exist as a solution only and defined as the best component of aerated drinks like soda or soft drinks. The chemical formula for the acid is H2CO3 with a molecular weight 62.03 g/mol approximately.

Carbonic Acid Structure

its chemical structure is also given below.

It is made up of one carboxyl group and two hydroxyl groups. The acid is diprotic in nature and it could release two protons together. Sometimes it is taken as the weak acidic chemical too because of stronger O-H bonds.

If we take the real-life example then it can easily be seen in the human body inside blood and combines with water ahead to form the carbonic acid. It can also be exhaled as a gas by lungs and available in rocks and caves too where it dissolves limestones. It is also available in coal, meteors, groundwater, oceans etc.

Carbonic Acid Chemical Formula

It is prepared by mixing carbon oxide and water together and exists in solution form only. This reaction is available in the equilibrium form where carbonic acid partially or reversibly forms the CO2 and water.

CO2 + H2O ⇌ H2CO3

Based on the industrial grade, the carbonic acid can be obtained as the by-product and suitable for fermentation, fossil fuels burning etc. the density of the solution is around 1.668 g/mol and it is non-soluble in nature. This is a weak acid and not considered much hazardous or toxic for humans.