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Imagine, one day, your hard disks and other storage space get packed with data, and there would have been no cloud-based platforms. Then what would you have done? How would you have analyzed data? Would you have brought more storage space? Or you would have looked out for something super alternative?

9 Flawless Reasons for Considering AWS as Your Favorite Cloud Partner

If you are choosing the last option, then you are on the right path, the future is Amazon Web Service.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most panoptic and broadly adopted cloud-based platform, providing more than 175 extensive services from data centers across the world.

9 Flawless Reasons for Considering AWS as Your Favorite Cloud Partner

It is a subsidiary of one of the preeminent firms, namely Amazon, that provides on-demand cloud computing services and API to individuals, and government organizations, metered on a pay-as-you-use basis. One of the vital overhauls of AWS is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) that allows clients to use cloud computing based on the virtual cluster of computers to overcome the problems of storing massive amounts of data.

It is a cloud-based computer consisting of CPUs, GPUs, SSD, along with the choice of operating systems. Best for networking and pre-loaded applications such as web servers, databases, and CRM (customer relationship management).

It gets maintained by different server farms across the world, where you must pay based upon the uses, OS, hardware, and the plans that you choose. Subscribers can pay for a single virtual AWS computer or clusters of computers as per requirements and based upon the subscription agreement. According to Synergy, as of 2017, AWS owns around 33% of the cloud-based storage (IaaS, PaaS). Whereas the two other competitors Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platforms own 18%, 9%, respectively.

How Is It Solving Storage Issues?

Data problems are everywhere. Storage is a massive concern for every organization. With massive amounts of data getting generated every day from different sources, many fail to optimize these tons and tons of data and remove unused and unnecessary data. As it takes more than a week, months to do so.

9 Flawless Reasons for Considering AWS as Your Favorite Cloud Partner

According to a recent survey, up to 7% of the total data remains unused or gets wasted. Thus, the prime purpose of AWS services is to meet your data storage at a lower cost. And to achieve balances between performances, availability, and durability. For optimizing the storage space, the first step is to maximize the performance of the individual workload.

Here are specific questions that might help you to understand the shortage of storage. Even you can ask yourself while you analyze the entire data process. Here they are:

  • How critical is your data?
  • How sensitive is your data?
  • How massive is your dataset?
  • How quickly do you want to access your dataset?
  • How much have you prepared to pay for it?
  • Does your data storage require high IOPS throughput?

When you have answers to the above questions; then you can know the storage requirement that will be best suited for yourself or the organization. Before going to choose between the data storage and its prices, always go with these questions. When you have answers to all, you have solutions to the storage requirements you need, and you will never go wrong in choosing the best storage.

There are three types of storage that Amazon Web Services facilitates, and they are:

  • Object Storage
  • Block Storage
  • File Storage

How Is It Different from Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure uses a storage block blob to store data. It consists of blocks and uploads large blobs efficiently. It uses storage cool and storage archives for archiving data. However, AWS uses S3 (Simple Storage Services) which is longer running than Azure. It uses glacier data for archiving data.

9 Flawless Reasons for Considering AWS as Your Favorite Cloud Partner

When it comes to networking, Microsoft Azure uses virtual network networking. Along with a VPN gateway for cross-platform connectivity. For load-balancing, delivering content it uses a load balancer and application gateway. Wherein AWS provides different partners and networks interconnected with various data centers. It uses a virtual cloud network and API premises for cross-platform connectivity and elastic load balancers during content delivery.

Taking on the database, Azure uses SQL, MySQL, and Postgre SQL for relational databases. It uses CosmosDB for NoSQL Solutions and Redis cache for caching purposes.

AWS provides the ability to connect with both SQL and NoSQL databases. It uses the relational database for RDS. For NoSQL, it uses DynamoDB as the database, along with the elastic cache for caching.

Advantages of Using Amazon Web Services

People love products or services that have so many advantages. But storage concern is a significant issue not only for data scientists but for all firms who rely on data. Thus, to sort the problem of storing and managing data, cloud computing is the new revolution becoming an emerging face among all cloud computing services.

9 Flawless Reasons for Considering AWS as Your Favorite Cloud Partner

Here are the 9 reasons why you should consider Amazon Web Services from here on:

Simple, Automated, and Scheduling Facilities

Scheduling and automation are the most common necessities that every company expects from cloud service providers. The capabilities of scheduling various jobs are not only to automate the entire process. But also, to open the doors for new upcoming opportunities for the smooth run of business. Thus, instead of manual supervision, automation increases the efficiency of the processes.

Effortlessly Flexible

AWS facilitates selecting the operating system, programming language, web application platforms based on your requirements. It becomes easy to migrate the existing applications. The flexibility to scale-up and go down as per the need make AWS one of the most favorite cloud-based solutions for storing data as per your requirements. It requires no specific procedure or any physical infrastructure. Instead, it is simple, sweet, and to the point.

Supremely Cost-effective: Go-As-You-Go Basis

The best thing about cost-effectiveness is you neither must pay more for it or anything less than said numbers. But all you are getting is the best features at a lower investment; that makes the product supremely efficient and go-as-you-go basis. And one of the top-most features because Amazon Web Services is one of the most loved cloud-based platforms.

Scalable and Highly Performable

AWS performance is highly measurable and can be ramped up or down from a single click of the mouse button. The companies who sell the hot trending items or any newly launched seasoned items can rightfully use and boost the performance and appreciate the capability.

And if you look at the few reasons why AWS has more success compared to other cloud-based platforms. It is because consistency and reliability, and breakdown are not very common in AWS’s cases.

Well Defined Disaster Management to Save You from Massive Blow

Maintaining a business flow is crucial for any business to sustain its brand value and reach more customers’ ears. Even the company must possess a recovery system and track every process as it progresses. So, when something goes wrong, it becomes easy to spot and can get retrieved at that moment. Because when something went wrong and you do not spot it out at the right time, the business goes through massive losses. Therefore, AWS comes with an advanced disaster management recovery plan, which saves its clients and business from getting wrong.

9 Flawless Reasons for Considering AWS as Your Favorite Cloud Partner

More Secured from All of Its Competitors

It does not matter which company you own. Or work. Whether it is a startup or enterprise-level, AWS is for all. Data security is extremely crucial for businesses and clients. And AWS does it very well following the regulatory standards. Along with the infrastructure. It also helps in providing various services with extensive security while flagging out all the suspicious accounts.

Speed and Agility

Using AWS, companies like startups and enterprises can develop and deploy the applications and access them instantly. There are many models that AWS allows them to use – such as SaaS (Software as a service), PaaS, and IaaS, where the client does not have to install in their computer. Instead, they can make the most of it as a web-based application. It is where you can insert the data without sign-ups and get the most accurate results; that is too instantly.

No Latency and You Get it Everywhere You Go

With multiple data centers across the world, AWS is arguably one of the best cloud-based platforms undoubtedly. Where the cloud-based ecosystems are continuously evolving, and firms are spending huge capital on them. In return, it is giving endless opportunities to businesses to scale-up, store, and analyze data and a medium to store more and more data.

Self Service Model for Long-lasting Business

Professionals who are data scientists and those who understand and build different models using cloud-based platforms can make changes accordingly as per their requirements without upgrading any hardware or software.

Final Thoughts

Cloud computing systems are one of the biggest blessings to overcome the storage concern when it is all about tons and tons of data. Though cloud-based storage can be expensive, it provides a multitude of substantial and extensive benefits. It saves lots of your time and caters to more accuracy without human supervision. Therefore, the future is cloud computing to overcome the storage crisis.

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