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Coding is all-in nowadays, and all the kids around the block are interested in picking up some programming skills to develop cool structures on Minecraft and compete with their friends on Roblox. This new wave of learning to code through online courses based on gaming has created the perfect environment that captures children’s interests and makes them want to learn more. Gone are the days when coding was learned through boring old textbooks; kids as young as 6 years old are learning to code over their favorite games!

If you’re looking for online coding summer camps for your kids, read on below!

Best Online Coding Summer Camps for Kids

1.     Minecraft with Mods

Minecraft for Mods is renowned for being the platform that started this coding frenzy and got kids interested in learning programming languages. This Minecraft coding camp is an excellent place for your child’s programming adventure to start, as the online tutors offer them access to controlling agents and interacting with in-game characters. Your kids will learn to code and understand complex concepts like loops, functions, conditionals, and variables wrapped up in a fun and exciting Minecraft adventure!

2.     Wevun Beginner Coding Camp

Are you looking for a beginner-level coding camp for your kids? Wevun Global’s summer camps have a little something for everyone!

Wevun believes in the power of coding to increase your kids’ cognitive abilities and improve their problem-solving skills. To encourage coding skills in children of all ages, Wevun has created different summer camps for your kids to choose from. The younger ones can get started with the Beginner Coding Camp, which aims to kickstart their interest in programming. On the other hand, older kids can take more complex courses like Minecraft Modding and Minecraft Structure Development to gain in-depth knowledge about game development.

3.     Roblox Game Maker

As a parent, you know that kids find comfort in what they know and love. While it can be a good thing to encourage them to step out of their boundaries and explore the world, sometimes it is better to grow on what they already know. The Roblox summer camp was developed with this perspective in mind, and needless to say, it has been a massive success for kids of all ages.

The Roblox Game Maker is one of the fastest-growing game development platforms in the United States. Students at the Roblox Game Maker camps learn to code with Lua and are eventually moved to other online coding classes with similar features. The best thing about Roblox’s coding classes is that they offer a little bit of everything. From game design to publishing and even monetizing opportunities, your kid will understand everything involved in the coding world.

4.     Scratch Ninja

Scratch is the best programming language for children to start their coding adventures. Scratch coding gives kids the chance to go beyond just playing games. Instead, children can learn to design their games and even develop interactive stories!

The Scratch Ninja class program comes with live online instructions offered within small group settings so your children can get individual attention. These classes include block-based programming as Scratch is artfully created to be a coding language that simplifies this skill for children. Throughout this visual learning course, your kids will learn to build characters and even entire games.

5.     Unity

If you want your young teenagers to develop some essential coding and game development skills, Unity is the best platform to pick. Unity offers coding courses for children 13 and above, offering them inside knowledge of different game design principles. It uses the language C# and compiles it on a 2D canvas, so young coders get the chance to create their very own pixelated structures and even learn how to program with gravity!

Unity lets kids combine their interest in game design with a clear understanding of internal game mechanics to enhance their tech skills this summer.

6.     3D Game Design

Our last pick for best coding camps for kids is a favorite among older children. If your kids are between the ages of 10 to 14, they are probably starting to wonder what goes into making a video game. This online course teaches them to use different visual scripting tools to develop a deeper appreciation for programming without getting overwhelmed by the coding syntax.

3D Game Design has a team of expert online tutors that dedicate their time to teaching children internal game mechanics. They offer an overlook of exciting custom behaviors and show children how to use best practices for game design.

It doesn’t end there, though! 3D Game Design also covers coding, allowing children to master essential concepts like developing variables and creating loops. Your kids will even get a brief overview of 3D game modeling!

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