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According to the National Student Money Survey, nearly 70% of students work while attending their college studies. Working part-time while studying is an excellent way to boost your CV, meet new people, and make more money to supplement your student loans. Unfortunately, maintaining their employment while juggling demanding college years is daunting, especially in jobs requiring nine to five attendance.

While entering the realm of part-time jobs is daunting, students can explore various job offers that offer weekend and night flexibilities. If you recently enrolled in the American International College, below are a few well-paying jobs you should consider.

Student Brand Ambassador

Enthusiastic, outgoing, and social students should consider building their PR careers right from school. Interestingly, many brands prefer working with student brand ambassadors to promote their products and services online. Students are invaluable to brands as they can access the student market.

Generally, most brands will request that you post their products and services online to spread the word and capture the interests of other students. Most brand ambassadors are paid in commission. Marketing student events and clubs for a commission is also popular among students.

Most companies will evaluate your online profiles before offering this position. Ensure that you have a significant online following before applying for a PR position. Some jobs also require that you work late at night in events or clubs. Make sure this doesn’t interfere with your ability to attend lectures.

Personal Tutor

Tutoring kids or other students is another easy option for students to make money while studying. Parents can pay large sums to help their children score decent grades. You can easily pocket this money if you are confident in handling various subjects. Private tutoring is also flexible, as you can teach students remotely through zoom and video calls.

However, to qualify as a tutor, you should have top grades, be patient, and be confident in working with students. Tutoring can open doors for a different career path after graduating. For instance, mastering to tutor languages can boost your CV and provide teaching opportunities abroad.

Call Center Representative

College students can also earn decent amounts hourly by working at call centers. Fortunately, most companies prefer reaching their clients in the evening or during weekends. This is a perfect opportunity for students, as most are free during these hours. However, you should be able to speak clearly and confidently make sales pitches.

According to Payscale, call-center representatives earn an average of $14.838 per hour. Call center tasks include reading customer issues, reading a predetermined script, managing inbound and outbound calls, and selling products. While most call center companies prefer bilingual candidates with previous experience, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your luck.

On-Demand Staffing Jobs

Students looking for job variety and flexibility should consider on-demand staffing jobs. To get job opportunities, you should sign up with temp agencies that provide staffing to warehouses and businesses looking for temporary staff. Unlike other jobs, you don’t commit to permanent contracts and can conveniently choose when to work. Unfortunately, you won’t be entitled to employment rights that part and full-time employees enjoy.


Student jobs are well-paying, lucrative, and create a perfect career foundation. As more universities, colleges, and learning institutions embrace online learning, you can conveniently earn your degree as you attend part-time work.

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