What Is .NET And What Does A .NET Developer Do?

With extensive choices of programming languages on the market today, it can be challenging for beginners to decide on one. Similarly, business owners get lost in countless tech stacks, thus facing the conundrum of choosing the right web development technology.

On that note, .Net development has always topped the ladder as the most widely used web development technology. For over 18 years of market existence, dotnet has been powering a variety of software projects from web applications to IoT apps. Its versatility makes it one of the most bankable skills for developers.

Thus, an average .net developer salary stands at over 90K per year. And with advocates like Accenture and Microsoft, its popularity stays resilient. So let’s find out what makes .Net so special and how .Net developers can contribute to your business growth.

What Is .Net?

.NET is a developer platform with tools and libraries created by Microsoft. The first version of the .NET Framework debuted in 2002. Back in the day, the .NET framework was created as an alternative to the Java platform. Their main difference is that the .NET technology is officially designed to support the operating systems of the Microsoft Windows family.

In 2016, the .NET Framework was complemented with .NET Core, which is compatible with various operating systems.

What Do .NET Developers Do?

A .NET developer is a software engineer who builds and maintains software within the Microsoft framework. Thus, they program .Net apps, create the design, and implement it.

However, the scope of the .Net technology is wide. Therefore, dotnet coders can be involved in various fields of software development, thus having different roles and responsibilities.

Let’s have a look at the most popular applications of .Net development.

Web Development

NET is a multi-purpose technology that is used for constructing dynamic, scalable, and robust web applications. And after launching ASP.Net Core, Microsoft provided developers with the option of building cloud-based web applications on other platforms.

Net-powered web applications rely on the knowledge of C# and the ASP.Net MVC framework. Besides, developers need a whole set of other in-demand skills such as cloud technologies and web hosting services.

Mobile Development

Xamarin, which is a Net development tool, provides libraries exclusively for creating performant mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. From a technical perspective, Xamarin uses a single C# language and libraries wrapped in a .NET layer for hybrid development.

As for their operation and user experience, such applications can be classified as native, that is, specifically designed for iOS and Android.

Game Development

Thanks to a mature ecosystem of the Net, developers can also rely on this technology for creating games. Besides, this universal framework can be used across the whole game development pipeline, from the gaming solution to its online versions and even mobile applications.

As Net is compatible with various platforms, coders can repurpose a single code base to target over 25 different platforms. Programmers can also power the game’s website with ASP.NET and perform remote rendering with Microsoft Azure.  To create a real-time 3D app, Net software engineers should have hands-on experience with C# Unity.

Cloud Applications

Along with a variety of other use cases, dotnet allows companies to create fast, modern, and scalable cloud applications on all popular cloud platforms. Developers can build complex cloud solutions for businesses using AWS, Google, and Azure services. However, Azure presents the most popular option for dotnet technology.

IoT Applications

ASP.Net Core can also be used to build IoT systems. Again, it is compatible with various systems, thus supporting dozens of sensors, displays, and input devices. The wide array of devices such as sensors, analog-to-digital converters, and others will cover your IoT needs in full.

Besides, Microsoft offers an Azure IoT platform to ensure faster retrieval and storage of data. Developers can deploy the IoT app in the cloud fast thanks to a compact and secured network. To make this possible, dotnet engineers need proficiency in core .Net technologies and cloud expertise.

The Bottom Line

.Net framework is among the most popular C# runtimes in 2021 and is projected to keep its rhythm. Therefore, a growing number of companies are looking to tap into the technology and benefit from the advantages it brings.

Thus, dotnet can be used across various platforms and systems as well as power dozens of applications. Web development and cloud applications seem to top the list of the .Net use cases.

If you are a tech enthusiast and want to jump into the niche, you should start your learning path by studying the basics of C# and ASP.Net. Overall, the .Net framework is a great alternative from both the technical and business standpoint.