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Web Designers Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Importance of a website for every business is well-known to everyone. Investing in a new website or in upgrading your existing website is a crucial decision. It can be a very expensive proposal if you don’t look after it on a serious note. Before you settle on a website designer for your firm, make sure you know what you’re getting into, and then hire the best designer for your need. There are few questions that must be asked of the web designers before signing any contract with them. Let’s discuss one of the crucial topics when you are about to hire a san Francisco logo design company for your need.

Interview Questions to Ask web Designer Before Signing

  1. How long have you been into this profession? Can you show me the back-end of similar sites you’ve deployed?
  2. Are you capable of customizing an existing website template?
  3. Will you first analyze my existing website and let us know what needs to be done?
  4. Can you make our website user-friendly and more responsive?
  5. Will you provide the written copy of the website transformation?
  6. The CMS that you use are open source or technology proprietary?
  7. Can they give you the Photoshop file for the website design?
  8. Ask about estimated duration to complete a project?
  9. How will you let us track the success of our website?
  10. Ask to show their past projects with relevant project goals.

Asking all the questions that we are about to discuss on this blog will let you hire the best suit for your need. Lets’ discuss them one by one.

Q1). How Long Have You Been Into This Profession? Can You Show Me The Back-End Of Similar Sites You’ve Deployed?

Hiring an experienced professional is important and so getting an early peek at the “back-end” will always be very informative for your brand. It depends on what your requirements are and what kind of experience the designer has about the same. Being able to quickly and intuitively edit your website is crucial for the long-term value of your website. Hire a reliable and qualified web designer for your firm because the company’s website plays an important role in its overall success.

Q2). Are You Capable Of Customizing An Existing Website Template?

It is essential to know this factor because you should consider a web designer who can efficiently customize your existing website because it is very cost-effective. Coding a website from scratch every time you want to make same changes can cost you huge. Your designer should be able to handle CMS like WordPress.

Q3). Will You First Analyse My Existing Website And Let Us Know What Needs To Be Done?

If you already have an existing website and want to upgrade the same, you should not hesitate to ask plenty of questions to them because this is how you will come to know the exact potential of the new web designer. Ask if he/she will provide overall visual analysis of your existing website. If the designer agrees to this point, then he/she is probably genuinely interested in helping your firm and can get what you need. Through their way of the analysis process, you can understand the approach, the path, the thought process and the capability of the designer you are interviewing.

Q4). Can You Make Our Website User-Friendly And More Responsive?

Most of the website has good look and feel, but it does not allow users to use them properly over other smart devices.  This means that your website is not at all responsive when it is viewed on different smart devices. this can make a huge difference in conversion rates.

Q5). Will You Provide The Written Copy Of The Website Transformation?

Whenever you are hiring a web designing company, they tend to assign an official copywriter from their team who take responsibility for creating the quality content for your website. Content creation can be done in-house also but make sure that you hire an experienced content writer or have your marketing agency do it for you.

Q6). The Cms That You Use Are Open Source Or Technology Proprietary?

You can find plenty of content management sources(CMS) that can be used in various ways, but you need to be careful while choosing one of them. There is much open-source software in the market and they are created as well as maintained by the developer team and are absolutely free to use. It’s just that companies have to pay a little for implementation. This type of CMS lowers the development cost. On the other hand, proprietary software is something that is owned by any particular company and can be used by only a few. If the web designer knows how to deal with WordPress, you can go ahead.

Q7). Can They Give You The Photoshop File For The Website Design?

If you are hiring them to make a fully customized website then you should ask the designer about photoshop file. Getting the editable photoshop file your website’ final design will be a great help. Wireframes or even mockups can be availed even before the photoshop files. So, don’t miss to discuss all of these before hiring anyone.

Q8). Ask About Estimated Duration To Complete A Project?

An experienced and reliable website designer will always be able to give you an estimated timeline for building a website and complete other essentials according to your need.

Q9). How Will You Let Us Track The Success Of Our Website?

There are numerous ways to track the success of a website deployment. Success can be determined in various aspects of the traffic, conversion rate, sales, etc. So, make sure that you ask website designer about the ways he will mention in the proposal. Whenever your website gets launched, it should already be built into your website.

Q10). Ask Show Their Past Projects With Relevant Project Goals.

Prefer people who can show you an example of the project that they have already delivered sharing similar goals as that of yours. You can also discuss the challenges faced, and how do they overcome. If they have not done any similar project how to ask about what their action plan for your project would be. You can also ask about any design suggestions and judge them on their suggestions because a creative and experienced web designer will always give you better suggestion than others.

There are a long list of Questions that you can ask other than what we suggested you. You can include questions like, are your designs already tested for multi-browser as well as cross-platform compatibility? Will you find/supply photos for my site? Which HTML editing software do you use and is best to assemble the graphics, etc.

Wrapping up

We can find many website designers but all of them are not equally efficient to fulfill your project requirements. Some of them may be experienced, but not in your relevant field. Some would be less experienced but will have more knowledge about the subject what you are looking for. So, keep your eyes wide open, keep all these points in mind and hire the best suit for your company.