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Understanding Volleyball Serves

Serves are also a very interesting aspect in volleyball.  Get the 1xBet application now, and use this app to place bets on sports matches from many disciplines, including volleyball. As it happens with many similar sports, it serves to occur when a player throws a ball to begin a point.

The goal is to ensure the ball will land on the opposite side of the field, and obviously, inside the court.  Players must have good control of the precision and force they give to the ball.  If it goes beyond the court, the opposing squad will be awarded a point.  Right now to place bets on sports matches you can use the 1xBet app, and this software is available for absolutely free.

Different types of serves

From the outside, serves might look quite straightforward, after all, it simply looks like players hitting the ball to make it land on the other side of the court.  However, this part of the game has some surprisingly complex aspects to it. At 1xBet bettors can get all live scores for the world’s biggest matches, which take place in tournaments like the Olympics and many others.

After all, a good service gives the serving team a better chance than their opponents to claim a particular point.  This has given rise to different kinds of services.  Some of them include:

  • underhand;
  • sky ball;
  • topspin;
  • float;
  • jump serve;
  • and jump float.

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Different serves for different matches

As it can be guessed, not all serves are suitable for any kind of match.  For example, underhand serves are those where the serve hits the ball at waist height or lower.  Normally those balls are quite easy to receive, for this reason, it is quite rare to see these kinds of plays being used in highly competitive environments. Great servers can give lots of chances to their teams, and the website can always be employed to wager on them.

In more competitive matches, some players might want to deliver a topspin or a float. The former corresponds to a ball hit with a snap of the wrist.  This gives the advantage of making it fall shorter than in a normal parabolic trajectory.  All of this can be quite confusing for receiving players.

On the other hand, floats are serves that are quite difficult to perform.  This is because the player who is serving makes movements that make the ball not spin at all.  This makes its trajectory quite unpredictable.  However, it also has a bigger margin of error.  Whatever kind of serves are used in a volleyball match, you can wager on these plays through the 1xBet platform.