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Trending DevOps Skills which you should learn for 2021

Wants to enhance your skills but don’t have any idea of which skills you require to build your future, increase your ability by learning new skills for your career. Almost 1 million jobs in the tech field remain vacant in 2020, there is a huge demand for people with tech skills so let’s concentrate on skill development which helps to design the best career. For this we need to get certified from AWS DevOps Certification training to learn the new skills that made you professional. With the AWS DevOps training online to help to develop new skills  and make a bright future as well. Lets us discuss various DevOps skills which we should learn for 2021.

The given below are some essential skills of devops

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence can change the work landscape continuously and looks like a solution for programmer who are in search of latest things, from 2019 to 2020 there is 32% increase in the demand for the practitioners of artificial intelligence with that they got instant jon in 2020 and also there are vacancies in 2021.

Machine learning:

It is one of the most prominent skills in the process of adopting machine learning for devops automation techniques.It reserves to be trendy and earn more profits in future as well. I had a lot of benefits. This machine learning also used to anticipate the health condition of covid 19 patients, helped to speed up the medicine invention. So taking AWS devops training online will help you to foster the market demands and speed up the process by staying ahead of the competition.

Data analytics and science:

these two are most demanding tech jobs in data fields which contain data analytics and data science, most of the industries are investing largely on these big data which are like manufacturing, banking, professional services and also the government of federal that estimation of investing is nearly $129 billions in upcoming year. You can check Mezmo for more information about big data and logging data management.

Data engineering: 

This skill is separated from the previously discussed skill data science, these engineers have the capability of infrastructure building and tools building with that they are able to perform their own work. They are almost similar to software engineers unlike the other kinds of jobs in the data field, it is used for us to gain the professional certificate of google cloud data engineer.

Data visualization:

It is the best way to attract people by displaying context in the form of visual which can be easily understandable by the people, this is a general skill that is randomly used by the data analysts and the data scientist and also used for roles of digital marketing. This data visualization works like a bridge between the roles of technical and non technical, it gains that much popularity because staff can create huge data to gain real business results.


Most of the businesses are now gathering the users data which also includes sensitive information of their own that keep the network security as predominant, many popular companies are hacked in the past they are like linkedin, sony, chipotle, etc. not only in past the recent research also it is proved that in 2020 also the attacks of cybersecurity is nearly 20%, so it gain popularity 2021 to protect from those cyber attacks.

Cloud computing:

The jobs related to this skill are in demand as most of the businesses are from old server infrastructure to the solutions of cloud, businesses are not only moving to cloud services they are also creating their services and products directly in cloud without postponing. AWS is one of the platforms of cloud computing that offers features like content delivery, database storage, networking and many other services.

Virtual reality and augmented reality:

They both are combined terms and developed reality which are helpful for many entertainment fields in future, some industries are already using this technology such as manufacturing, health care, advertising and marketing. By learning these skills we will develop our skills in game development.

Internet of things:

In a wide sense this term internet of things encircles everything to connect with the internet, there is a rapid growth in objects used by each other. To say it in simple words it is designed with the help of various devices such as simple sensors, smartphones, wearable, etc. it is used to combine all them at a same place, all the things that are connected with internet have a chance to be hacked, security is the best purpose of these devices and the experts of the cybersecurity are also specialized in internet of things are mostly identified with this reason.

UI/UX Design:

Even though they belong to the same family there are differences, user interface is expert in creation of interfaces for applications and websites for their visual appeal, and permit users to navigate it simply. User experience is professional in doing research and testing for each and every element and also the process of users interaction with the organization.

Mobile development:

Nearly there are more than 3.8 billion users of smartphones all over the world; the number is rapidly growing year after year, which represents that the businesses not only require websites for their business but also to stay relevant. Gaining development skills of mobile helps us to create applications for others and also to design and sell our own applications which brings you the bright future. These mobile apps are added to reality. There are some games like harry potter, pokemon go, wizards unit are with the real world through blending reality and technology.


This is specially designed for digital currency namely Bitcoin, the community of technology is identifying the users of potential for technology they are like crowdfunding, payments of peer to peer, file storage, identity management and digital volting. Many companies are in need of developers who have the ability to understand the blockchain and capable of designing the applications of decentralization.

Quantum computing:

It is the skill which includes the combination of various subjects like maths, computer science, engineering and physics, this help us by offering chances those help to move the needle front even the finelands research center have a belief on this quantum computing as it can reduce the epidemic impact and for the future pandemics, the present roles of quantum computing contains the programmers, researchers, experimental scientists and the software engineers.


Being a robotic engineer we have the knowledge of both software and hardware roles and we are capable of working on bots of physical and virtual, physical robotics includes equipment belonging to the medical field, bots of exploration, film animatronics, amusement parks, manufacturing equipment and also many others. The virtual robotics includes online and software which are used for task automation such as virtual assistance and the customer services.

Product management:

It has no particular description for job roles, they vary from one industry to another and also among different kinds of products they are like applications, software, physical products, etc. but there is one general thing about product management, it develop the products to its best which brings demand for this skill, it works like a bridge between product designers and the developers.


It is one of the best software companies which automatically includes many job opportunities for work in CRM, It offers proper ways to maintain their products and user support for many organizations. Its developers are capable of creating infrastructure of salesforce to build particular Apps and projects for the company requirements, during this pandemic situations the demand for these developers is rapidly increasing.

Low code platform:

According to research it is proved that nearly 75% of software business will be based on the low code technology, this low code contains coding through a drag drop interface, templates of prebuilt, visual elements which spend much time then the old methods of coding. Famous platforms of low code contain salesforce, shopify, ZoHo mendi, IBM automation, etc. by gaining skills in low code it helps you to stand out and have more job opportunities.

Program languages in General:

To become expert in these skills of language in general helps you more in getting jobs in various ways, for particular skills there is a requirement of some trends like given below.

  • HTML and CSS are simple language to begin when we are fresh to coding
  • Python is the speedly developed language and it gains second place on Github.
  • Javascript is a mostly utilized language of programming which is maintaining its demand for eight years.
  • Another language which is in demand is Go but it is slow in the matter of supply so only 7 percent of developers are using it.
  • Some other popular skills are like scala, Ruby, Typescript also gains demand but very few developers are using them.

Linux knowledge:

Most of the companies are now using linux that is based on OS as the environment of primary development, the essential DevOps operations are based on linux that permits developers to enjoy the freedom to change it as per their requirements.


It is essential to have good knowledge of CI and CD in DevOps as they help to maintain the good quality for the software delivery and development continuously for the clients, they prepare the code for categorization with the help of intervention which is minimally manual. 


Now a days most of the technical experts are not doing individual work they like to work in teams instead, it is useful for us when we get an idea of our peoples skills such as negotiation, open mindedness, patience, listening skills, etc. those skills are used to get new opportunities, these technical skills sets your way for your successful future in new tech of 2021, you can learn the skills which we like that suits our knowledge and personality from AWS DevOps certification training as we are providing AWS devops training to help all those who are in search of new skill.