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The university is a place to learn new skills. You can study exact sciences and literature in it. Still, you can only learn most of the important things in your life from your experience.

You can use everything from saving space in the house to managing your time. In this article, we have collected some helpful life hacks and tips related to everyday things and your daily life.

Become the wisest student with just a few simple rules!

1). You need to work not a lot but hard and efficiently.

This life hack works. After all, it is not so important how many hours you spent studying the materials. Your concentration on the study at this moment plays a much more critical role.

How can you help yourself memorize the material better and not waste time looking for the information you need? Use color coding in your notes – highlight titles and specific topics, important words with a specific color. This will make it easier for you to remember what you have written, and it will be easier for you to navigate your notes.

And of course, the most important thing is your time. A lot of scientific research recommends dividing your work into 25-minute chunks. A short break of 5-10 minutes should be taken between such intervals. This is a great way to focus on meaningful work without overwhelming yourself.

2). Create a Dual Deck Microwave Oven

This advice sounds unusual enough, but it will be useful if you live in a hostel. Most often, in the shared kitchen of campuses, you can rarely find a lot of equipment. For example, there is one microwave for everyone and creates a huge queue of hungry students. To heat more food as quickly as possible, place a plate of food in the microwave. Next to it, place any coffee mug and a second plate on top of the mug. That’s all strange, but it works! All your food will heat up faster.

3). Say a loud “no” to dirty and tangled wires

Another household life hack. The wires are always tangled, covered with dust, and interfere with normal walking around the room. Therefore, we offer a simple solution. Wipe the wires with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust, then grab some paper clips and attach the wires to the back of your desktop. This way, they will be less dirty, and you will save space.

4). Did you know that the middle name of hangers is “space saving helper”?

This will sound old-fashioned to you, but let’s use the word retro.

This advice is especially suitable for those who love clothes and do not know how to fold everything compactly. Simple, get in the habit of using soft drink cans as coat hangers. This will turn your usual hanger into a transformer of three of the same. You will be surprised how much this can help you save space in your closet.

Of course, you can buy vertical hangers and not bother, but we are here to learn all the frugal life hacks, right?

5). Manage your time efficiently

Studying is essential, but there are other more essential things in life. For example, communication with family and friends, recreation, personal development in other areas, and much more. Therefore, it is crucial to balance all these tasks. Moreover, students can use ancillary services such as an essay writing service and get help with writing papers, thus gaining time for rest. Also, you need to learn how to efficiently allocate your time. This will help you simply compile to-do lists for the day by category. It is not necessary to start a diary. You can use stickers and a pen. Choose stickers of a certain color, write down the things that you need to do by some time, priority tasks, secondary ones, time to communicate with others. This will give you a visual picture of your day.

We’ve found some free and super handy apps for you to organize your time. To-do lists and Tick-Tick will become your best friends, as using them every day is easy and convenient.

We hope all of our tips are practical and helpful to you. Even if some of them seem a little strange or too difficult to you, try it, and you will see how much easier your student life will become.

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