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Top 10 Android’s Hidden Features You Didn’t Know About

Top 10 Android’s Hidden Features

Android is commonly used by people residing in different parts of the world. Moreover, it has an open-source nature. Most Android users are in love with the features and personalization options offered by the mobile operating systems. At times, the system can become complicated and confusing for the users. Google is always coming up with the latest characteristics for the mobile operating system called Android.

Set up the lock screen:

Every android phone offers different types of protected lock screens. While setting up the phone, you are asked to set a pattern, pin or a password so that you are the one who can open your phone. None gets to know about the pin or the pattern until and unless you inform anyone. Fingerprint security is a new feature which has been added in an Android device. With the help of fingerprint security, you can unlock your phone super-fast. Do you want to regulate the lock screen of your android phone? In that case, you must go to the system settings and search for the security menu. There are phones which has an isolated lock screen menu. You will require a protected lock screen to utilize characteristics like Android Pay and factory reset security.

Disable or uninstall bloatware: 

Most phones contain pre-installed applications which you might not require. Fortunately, such applications can be removed these days without causing any harm to the system. Pre-installed applications can be deleted naturally by making use of the Play Store or by searching the application in the app settings menu. Any application which is a portion of the system image can never be deleted. In such a situation, you can disable the following app by going to the main system settings. After searching the app from the list, you can press the disable button. Doing so will remove it from the app drawer, thereby preventing it from functioning in the background. While reading a textbook if a student comes across queries, he avails of the Digital Systems textbook solution manual services.

Discover your phone:

Many times, you lose your phone. Usually, during those times, your tendency lies in worrying about your lost phone as you cannot recall when was the last time you saw your phone. Maybe you have kept your phone in your bedroom or on the kitchen counter. Before going insane, when you lose your phone the next time you can start using the Find my phone tool developed by Google. The tool was earlier known as Android Device Manager.

The data of your phone must be turned on when you make use of this tool. Moreover, the tool can be used both on your mobiles and computers. You need to log into your Google account and select the phone which you have lost. Google searches for your phone and finds it for you. You have permission to place a ring on that phone even if the phone is on a silent mode. In the worst cases, you can remove the phone so that the data remains protected.

Accumulate mobile data tracking:

The price of data keeps on increasing every day. Users can use data depending on their data pack. If you don’t want to exhaust your data for the month, you must go the data usage menu which lies in the system settings. Different companies might name it differently, but the option is always available at the top right. In this place, you have the permission to outline reset data, design a cautionary threshold, and you can automatically turn off data when you are about to exhaust it. 

If this is not what you are looking forward to doing, then there is an app in the Play Store by Datally. The app is responsible for the gathering of data from the settings menu thereby restricting the background data. Are you having a lot of doubts in your mind? In that case, you must avail of the digital systems principles and applications solution manual services.

Select Do not Disturb settings:

The notification settings of Android are a bit baffling. OEM’s are often responsible for bringing about a change in the term. In the current updates, Google has refurbished the term a few times. The trait of this settings is either found in the volume pop up when you strike the toggle, or you can go into the system settings in search of notifications. In most devices, it is known as Do Not Disturb. When it comes to this menu, then you have the liberty to select when Do Not Disturb is toggled on naturally. If it is a Pie device, then Do Not Disturb hides your notification by default. If you are willing to view the notification shade, then you must alter that setting.

Digital Wellbeing: 

Most users are likely to waste much of their time using their phone. Android can now restrict users from using their phone with the help of an app. The Digital Wellbeing suite lets you know which are the apps you use, the duration of their usage, and shows your path so that you can refrain yourself from wasting much of your time on the phone. The settings menu is responsible for the breaking down of apps on a chart. At the same time, it helps you set a time boundary on the applications where you are spending most of your time. The chart tracks down notifications and deciphers too. The Wind Down mode dims the screen when you are retiring to bed for the day. Are you facing any issue while reading your textbook on electrical engineering? If yes, then you can always avail of the Electrical Engineering Textbook Solutions Manuals service.

The photos must back up naturally:

If you lose out on your phone or damage it by mistake and suddenly realize that none of your photos was backed, then it is bound to make you upset. If you don’t want to be upset, you can open Google Photos and press the auto-backup option. In the default mode, you can store unlimited photos, and the quality is also maintained. Though it condenses your photos, they appear to be amazing. Do you want to store the original picture? In that case, you can select the storage space of the Drive. 15GB of free storage is given to you, and if you need more than that, you can make a purchase.

Start searching with OK Google:

Google search is used by millions of Android users. You require saying OK Google so that your search can be conducted. You can find this option on the home screen. Apart from this, you can go into the search settings and find voice match under voice. You need to turn on the Access with Voice Match button, and after that, you will require saying OK Google so that the device learns your voice. When the screen is on, you can utter OK Google and search what you are looking for. There are devices which can follow orders even when the screen is off, but most devices follow orders when the screen is on.

Setting up different home screens:

The device makers create a personalized UI inclusive of the home screen. The home page by default isn’t strong at all times. If you install Nova Launcher or Action Launcher, then you can effectively run your device. Such apps can be made use of so that the icons can be changed; navigation gestures can be assigned, apps can be arranged systematically, etc. If you want to bring your installed home screen before you, then you have to go to the Home menu located in the system settings.

Google Assistant:

Have you set up OK Google? If yes, then you have two ways to get Google Assistant. To make use of Assistant, you can use OK Google, or you can press the home button for a long time. After this, you can start talking. This specific feature was allotted to Pixel phones, but after that, it was included in the Marshmallow android phones. Assistant is capable of interpreting relevant content and local languages compared to Googles old voice search trait, and it can be assimilated with IFTTT, Nest, etc. With the help of this feature, you can search the web thoroughly, and it can read the news to you while you are lying lazily on your couch.  

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