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Chemical atoms are made up of atoms that are connected together by different bonds. The way how atoms are connected together can be represented by their structural formula. In this post, we will discuss the structural formula basics with example.

The presence of chemicals can be felt everywhere around us either it is food, drinks or any other object we use daily. The different types of chemical compounds are identified generally with the help of simple molecular formulas. The few examples of molecular formulas are shown below –

As you know that molecular formula will explain you about number of atoms but it will not tell you how elements are bonded together and which bond exist between chemical compounds. This is where the concept of structural formula came into existence.

This formula will tell you how different atoms are arranged or bonded with each other in the molecular formula of a chemical compound. In the below section, we will give you example of acetic acid, and ethyl alcohol with their molecular formulas and structural formulas. By looking at the structural formula, you can quickly find that there exists double bond between carbon and oxygen. In brief, it will represent the spatial arrangement of atoms within a compound.

Structural Formula

This is always interesting to have choices and the same is true for structural formulas too.  The different types of structural formula include – The electron dot structural formula, Line-bond structural formula, and the Condensed structural formula etc. Each of them has their own significance and value.

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