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STP Formula

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The ideal gas law specifies that the total volume occupied by a gas depends on the amount of substance, temperature and pressure as well. The standard temperature or pressure is usually expressed as STP at 0 degree Celsius and 1 atmosphere of pressure.

There are different parameters of gases that are suitable for a plenty of calculations in chemistry and physics are usually abbreviated as STP. Did you remember the ideal gas law formula? Let us see below how it is written in the Chemistry –

STP Formula

\[\ PV = n \times RT \]Where,
P is the pressure
V is the volume
n is the total number of moles in a gas
R is the molar gas constant
T is the temperature

Further, the value of R is given as 8.314472 J/mole x K. it is expressed in international SI units and other parameters should always be SI units only.

STP is not a rate concept but used frequently where temperature and pressure both are given in the standard form. Temperature is taken as the 273K and pressure in 1 atm respectively. With the help of STP formula, one can quickly find the volume of a gas with the help of standard formula. In this common formula, the pressure is given as torr and the temperature is given in Kelvin.

STP Formula

In the case of chemistry, STP is an elementary concept in STP system where both temperature and pressure are arranged in the typical form. The standard formula for STP can be articulated as –

\[\ STP = (Volume\;of\;the\;Gas) \times \frac{273}{T} \times \frac{P}{100} \]