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Spring Interview Questions (Core, IOC, Security, Boot, MVC)

Are you planning to pursue a career in Spring framework in 2018 and beyond? If yes, you need a list of questions that could help you in preparing for the interview faster. Here, is the list of top 50 Spring interview questions that will definitely help to ace the interview. Today, Spring is one of the most demanded Java frameworks with an attractive market share and it is expected to dominate the market for many years to come.

Spring Interview Questions

To make the preparation process easier, we have divided the blog into five popular categories as mentioned below-

  1. Spring MVC Interview Questions
  2. Spring Core Interview Questions
  3. Spring Boot Interview Questions
  4. Spring IOC Interview Questions
  5. Spring Security Interview Questions

Spring Core Interview Questions

Spring is a widely used framework today that is used by enterprises to develop secure and robust Java apps. Here, we will discuss the top 10 Spring core interview questions that can be asked by beginners or experienced both.

  1. What is Spring and explain its benefits too?
  2. Name the different modules in Spring Framework.
  3. What do you mean by the DI design pattern and how can you implement it?
  4. What is Spring Bean and explain its life cycle too?
  5. Do thread safety is provided by the Spring Bean?
  6. Explain the Spring MVC architecture with the help of a diagram.
  7. How will you define the standard controllers or custom controllers in Spring MVC?
  8. When creating a Spring Application, how many configurations are needed in minimum?
  9. How will you integrate the Spring and hibernate platform together?
  10. Name a few design patterns frequently used by Java developers during app development.

Spring MVC Interview Questions

In this section, we will discuss most related Spring MVC Interview Questions that are frequently asked by recruiters and surely helpful in the successful hiring of aspiring minds.

  1. How to get servlet objects in Spring framework?
  2. Explain the Spring MVC architecture in detail and its benefits too.
  3. How are exceptions handled in the Spring MVC environment?
  4. How to validate the beans in Spring MVC?
  5. What do you mean by the Spring MVC interceptor and its uses?
  6. How can you define the Spring MVC controllers?
  7. How are transactions enabled in Spring MVC and its benefits?
  8. What do you mean by the Spring DAO?
  9. What is AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming)? Explain its benefits?
  10. What is weaving and its benefits for developers?

Spring Boot Interview Questions

In this section, we will discuss the top 10 Spring Booth interview questions that are listed after a careful research and observation.

  1. What is Spring Boot? Explain its benefits too?
  2. Is there any disadvantage of Spring Boot framework?
  3. Why Spring Boot is important and how can you configure it?
  4. How will you control the logging with Spring Boot?
  5. What is the Spring Boot Starter and why is it useful?
  6. How is security implemented for spring boot apps?
  7. How can you implement the spring web in Boot framework?
  8. Is it possible to configure the database in Spring Boot?
  9. How can changes be uploaded to Spring Boot without restarting the server?
  10. What are the embedded containers supported by the Spring Boot?

Spring IOC Interview Questions

IOC (Inversion of Control) design pattern is a technique to achieve loose coupling between object dependencies. If you are looking for a role in IOC field then you should master these Spring IOC interview questions for a successful hiring by experts.

  1. What do you mean by IOC (Inversion of Control) design pattern and how is it different from the DI (Dependency Injection) design pattern.
  2. Define the role of IOC containers in Spring.
  3. Name different types of IOC containers available in Spring framework.
  4. What do you mean by the basic container and advanced container in Spring?
  5. How can you differentiate the constructor injections and setter injections in Spring?
  6. What is auto-wiring in Spring and explain its different modes too?
  7. What do you mean by the bean scope and explain its different types too?
  8. The prototype scope and singleton scope are beneficial in which type of scenario?
  9. How is transaction management support offered by the Spring IOC framework?
  10. What is Spring Bean and important of Spring Bean Configuration file?

Spring Security Interview Questions

Today, no application is approved if it is not secure and not designed as per the standard guidelines. Spring is a highly secure framework and used frequently by Java developers to add extra security features to the business app. Here, in this section, we are listing most common Spring Security Interview questions for your reference.

  1. What do you mean by the Spring Security?
  2. What are the best security practices in the Spring framework?
  3. What do you mean by the security filter chain?
  4. How will you define the delegation filter proxy?
  5. Can you replace or add any individual filter?
  6. What is need of the method security in Java development?
  7. What are the security contexts, authentication, and authorization meaning in Spring security?
  8. What are the security annotations and their benefits?
  9. Does password hashing is also supported in Spring security framework?
  10. Why security is taken as the cross-cutting concern and how can it be implemented internally?