Spices Name

Today, we are going to share a list of the Spices Name in English as well as Hindi which will help kids to know and remembering. This is also the right way to improve the English Vocabulary in your diary. Spices Name is very important for a kid that means kids need to remember the name by picture and spelling with Hindi Name.

There are millions of persons available in India, who know the Spices Name in Hindi but don’t know the English name of Spices Name. There are also millions of persons, who know the Spices Name in English but don’t know in the Hindi.

Spices Name video in Hindi and English

First of all, we are going to share Spices Name video for kids with English and Hindi audio which is very helpful for kids for better learning and remembering.

Spices Name in English and Hindi

We are going to share the Spices Name in Hindi and English with Picture to a better understanding of all persons and kids. This is a very strong way to learn the Spices Name for the student, who is studying in the class pre-nursery, nursery, LKG, UKG, 1st standard, 2nd standard, and more.

हिंदी (Phonetic) English
लाल मिर्च (Lal Mirch) Red Chilli
काली मिर्च (Kali Mirch) Black Pepper
लौंग (Laung) Clove
हल्दी (Haldi) Turmeric
धनिया (Dhaniya) Coriander
जीरा (Jeera) Cumin
हींग (Heeng) Asafoetida
दालचीनी (Dalchini) Cinnamon
तेज पत्ता (Tej Patta) Bay Leaf
सौठ (Sauth) Dry Ginger
खटाई, अमचूर (Khatai /Amchoor) Mango Power
अजवाइन (Ajvain) Carom Seed, Celery, Parsley
मैंथी (Maithi) Fenugreek
कसूरी मैंथी (Kasoori Maithi) Dry Fenugreek Leaves
जायफल (Jayfal) Nutmeg
सौफ (Sauf) Aniseed, Fennel
इलायची (ilaychi) Cardamon
हरी इलायची (Hari ilayachi) Green Cardamam
बड़ी इलायची (Badi ilayachi) Black Cardamon
करी पत्ता (Kari Patta) Curry Leaves
पुदीना (Pudina) Mint
केसर (Kesar) Saffron
सिरका (Sirka) Vinegar
जावित्री (Javitri) Mace
नमक (Namak) Salt
काला नमक (Kala Namak) Black Salt
सैंधा नमक (Saidha Namak) Rock Salt
राई (Rai) Black Mustrad Seed
तुलसी (Tulsi) Basil
सरसों (Sarso) Mustard Seed
तिल (Til) Sesame Seed, Gingelly
गुलाब जल (Gulab Jal) Rose Water
रतनजोत (Ratanjot) Alkanet Root
केवडा (Kevda) Pandanus
तेल (Tel) Oil
सरसों का तेल (Sarso ka Tel) Mustard Oil
घी (Ghee) Ghee

Summery about Spices Name

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