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Usually, Physics numerical is a challenging task for amateurs. Especially for complicated topics like Optics, thermodynamics, and others. It requires strong mathematical skills and technical knowledge before approaching numerical problems. Mostly, students fail to understand the basic concepts and knowledge required for the holistic approach of numerical. Hence, they land up getting inappropriate solutions.

Complicated modules like Time Dilation, Length Contraction, and Relative Speed require strong conceptual understanding and imagination power. As this module deals with several mathematical concepts, light, and related to Theory of Relativity, students are confused with complicated numerical problems. However, we are there to help them with these effective tips to solve complicated questions.

Tips to solve complicated numerical problems

Determine the questions’ objective

Firstly, students face hurdles in numerical problems because of not understanding questions. Hence, they make wrong assumptions by ignoring the vital requirement of the question. So, we recommend all students first understand the question requirement. Underline important figures and SI units given in questions.

For instance, if the question demands the time interval of object or light travel, underline the statement and determine which formula is applicable. Once students know which formula is appropriate to solve the question, they will get the appropriate solution.

Note down important figures and stats.

The calculation is not only about implementing formulas and starting calculations. It is also about signs and symbols that matter. There are several cases where the physical quantities of the expected answer match with the calculated ones. However, one mathematical sign is very much important to come up with an appropriate answer. Therefore, before solving questions, note down every given physical quantity in the paper-like distance is 12 m, height is 20 m, and so on.

By doing so, students will be able to figure out which formula is required for calculation. Hence, whether it is Time Dilation, Length Contraction, Relative Speed modules, or others, noting down important physical quantities is essential before drawing a conclusion. Getting the right solution is important to boost confidence in studies. Therefore do not ignore this essential step.

Drawing is essential

Undoubtedly, the Physics subject is all about visualization and diagram-based questions. Like in optics, there are plenty of diagrammatic questions, the same in these modules are also available. In competitive exams like JEE and NEET, these diagram-based questions are often asked. Therefore, a proper illustration of the given scenario is a must.

A clean and neat labelled diagram is required to know what questions demand. Here, students are expected to receive questions on the fixed and moving frame, the distance between object and light, and much more. So, before approaching such complicated questions, drawing accurate diagrams is essential. Proper drawings will help in solving questions quickly.

Good command over algebraic formulas

Algebra is the backbone of physics. Several derivations and formulas contain algebraic expressions. So, dealing with such complicated questions requires subject-specific expertise. Also, strong mathematical knowledge is very much required to deal with complicated questions. Substituting values in required equations is the next part when students are finalized with the required equation.

Algebraic equations are important to integrate into the physics subject. Remember that the number of variables must be equal to a number of given quantities. If there is any variation or hindrance, recall the vital equation and then start solving questions.

The bottom line

Every module in Physics is not so easy to solve. It requires dedication and conceptual understanding to draw an accurate solution. So, this theory of relativity-related concepts requires serious attention. Also, follow these given tips to get appropriate solutions to the respective numerical problems

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