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Software Testing Interview Questions (Manual, ETL, Automation, Mobile)

Testing plays a vital role in the overall software development cycle and any IT project cannot be marked as completed until it is not tested repeatedly for different parameters. Here, in this blog for software testing interview questions, we will discuss the top interview questions that are frequently asked by recruiters during the selection process. For your reference, we have divided the questions into five categories and we will discuss each of them one by one throughout the article.

Software Testing Interview Questions

  1. Manual testing interview questions
  2. Software testing interview questions
  3. ETL testing interview questions
  4. Mobile testing interview questions
  5. Automation testing interview questions

Let us start with our first category i.e. manual testing interview questions and moving towards others slowly.

Manual testing interview questions

The objective of the manual testing is bug detection for a software program. It is usually done before automation testing to make sure that all bugs are corrected well. Let us have a quick look at manual testing interview questions for your reference.

  • What is Manual Testing? Explain the procedure of manual testing in detail?
  • What are the tasks involved in planning and controlling stages of Manual Testing?
  • How can you define a test case?
  • How will you list a few characteristics of the test case?
  • What is a critical bug in manual testing?
  • Why do we need the Localization testing?
  • What do you mean by the path testing?
  • How can you define the Validation or Verification?

Software testing interview questions

These questions are dedicated to QA professionals who are responsible for software testing, bug detection, and their fixes. They are more dedicated to business processes and helps in deploying a bug-free software program in the end. Here is a list of software testing interview questions that are frequently asked by QA professionals to evaluate their skills.

  • How can you differentiate these terms – Quality Control, Quality assurance, Software Testing?
  • What is Software testing and why is it necessary for QA professionals?
  • What are test plans, a test case, and the test strategy in the testing of a software program?
  • How will you check either the test case is written good or bad?
  • Give a quick overview of the software development life cycle?
  • When should you start the software testing for an IT project?
  • What should be the process for executing multiple test cases together?
  • What is functional testing and how is it different from the non-functional testing?
  • How can you define the negative or positive testing for one project?
  • Give the steps to write a test case successfully.

ETL testing interview questions

ETL is one of the most important tools to manage the business processes and workflows successfully. Here is a quick guide for ETL testing interview questions for those who wanted to become a demanding QA engineer in the IT domain.

  • What is ETL testing and explain the three major steps to complete the ETL testing?
  • How can you compare the ETL testing and the manual testing?
  • Name a few popular ETL bugs?
  • What do mean by the staging in ETL Testing?
  • What is ETL mapping sheet and define its significance too?
  • How will you define the tracing level in ETL and its types too?
  • Why is ETL testing necessary for your project?
  • Explain the transformation in ETL testing?
  • What is a FACT in ETL testing and its type?
  • Can you explain the major steps involved in the ETL testing?

Mobile testing interview questions

Following is the list of mobile testing interview questions that are frequently asked by freshers or experienced during the selection process.

  • Explain what is mobile testing and its popular testing procedure too?
  • What is stimulator and emulator in mobile testing?
  • What are the different types of Mobile Testing?
  • What is the mobile testing strategy, explain in brief?
  • What is the mobile testing framework?
  • Can you perform the mobile testing without any framework?
  • What are the benefits of mobile testing for some It project?
  • Can you automate the mobile testing for your project?
  • What are the common bugs found in mobile testing?
  • Mobile testing should be done either manually or automated.

Automation testing interview questions

When we are talking about the automation testing then it is mainly related to the tool-specific testing. With the knowledge of specific tools, you can always speed up the testing process and make it more precise too. One of the best examples of automation testing is Selenium used frequently by Companies. Let us have a quick look at interview questions ahead.

  • What do you mean by automation testing exactly?
  • When will you automate some test script? Are there any specific criteria for the same?
  • In what circumstances, we should never follow automation testing?
  • What are the features of a basic automated testing tool?
  • How automation testing and agile methodologies are related?
  • Explain the different types of frameworks for automation testing?
  • How can you achieve the 100 percent automation?
  • What are the facts to consider during the planning stage of automation testing?
  • Is it possible to achieve automation without any framework?
  • How will you differentiate the manual testing and automation testing from each other?

We wish you luck in your next interview! Don’t forget to go through all these questions carefully for a sure shot selection in the next interview. Happy job hunting with our expert mentors at “andlearning”!