Sodium chloride Formula – Equation and Problem Solved with Example

Sodium is not unique but a well-known compound and a widely used chemical too. One other name for sodium chloride is table salt. The chemical formula for the compound is NaCl and a molecular weight is 58.44 g/mol. The chemical structure is shown below where one sodium cation is connected with other chlorine anion to make the sodium chloride. The product has a crystalline structure where each sodium cation is surrounded by six other chloride anions and form a octahedral geometry.Sodium chloride FormulaThe natural occurrence of chemical compound can be felt in sea water where it is getting its saltiness. You would not believe but up to 5 percent of total sea water is made up of sodium chloride only. This is also available in minerals or rock salts too.

The chemical compound is prepared at large scale by evaporation of sea water from salts or brine wells etc. The product should be heated carefully otherwise salts will be evaporated and the product will be merely a waste in the end. The precipitation process depends on solubility of the compound. The other popular technique is mining of rock salt reserves.

The product is a white crystalline solid with a density of 2.16 g/mL, and a melting point of 801 °C. it is available in different concentrations and based on its concentrations, it is suitable for different industrial purposes. This is a stable solid and may be converted to toxic fumes at high temperatures. It is widely used by food industries too for flavouring and preservations.

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