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Are you afraid of the approaching exams? Every person assumes that a student who has not studied will usually be afraid of giving exams. In most cases this is true, but generally, every child goes through difficulties. Before an examination since they are stressed and overworked. Hence, they don’t need simple strategies such as using LMS portals for learning to help with revisions, they need some smart study tips that support their brain activity.

Students need to apply certain tactics to support their brain activity because not every method helps in achieving productive results. Especially before an examination, they need to be extra careful to ensure they are investing time in the correct tactics and strategies rather than useless hacks. Here are a few study tactics that research has proven useful;

Review the learning management system

The learning management system has all references and materials required to study. But reviewing it before an exam ensures that students have all the topics right, and they are not missing any points. They can also test themselves with mock test papers or sample papers available.

Have a study view

Having a view is the other word for having a goal, but with a visualized concept. students should have a clear idea and proper aim with all the objectives set. If they want to revise an entire topic in a day, they should set timings for learning some portions they might have forgotten, and the chronological order in which they will perform the activities needed to study the entire topic efficiently.

According to the latest research reports it has been found that students who not only have an aim but also a good environment around them in literal terms tend to absorb information better. This is because instead of hindrances and disturbances, they have a pleasing refreshing scenery with a study session goal in their mind.

Space out the sessions

Instead of studying all day long, try to space out your study sessions and mix and match between subjects. This is to improve brain activity and productivity. Studying the same thing throughout the day becomes extremely monotonous making it impossible for a child to focus. As we know, the focus is very important to learn information and remember it for a long time.

Apart from improving their attention span, students can also train their minds to have complete concentration without spacing out or dissociating in between a study session if they take breaks. These breaks need to be productive and calming. Rather than engaging in complex activities such as using social media or watching TV students again try to have a look or a useful conversation with their friends and family members to give themselves a mental break. Any activity that does not require a lot of thinking fits well in this scenario.

Have a power nap

Some students don’t sleep through the day because they feel like sleeping is a useless activity and a waste of time. It might be if they try to sleep for two or three hours in the middle of the day. Instead of taking long naps, students should try having a 20-minute nap. This nap can be refreshing in the sense that they no longer feel sleepy and their brain has enough time to rest itself and wake up fresh.

Research shows that students can improve their brain activity and memory power by sleeping enough at least eight hours a day and having power naps in the middle of the day if they cannot sleep 8 hours through the night.

Have a change of environment

Being in the same room can be boring, but some students find it effective because it allows them to be in the perfect mindset to study. For others, they can try going around the house or sitting in a different setting. It is not only refreshing but also a great experience that helps them feel productive.

Have numerous study styles

Having the same study pattern, such as reading and then learning might be ineffective if overused. Students need to practice different subjects differently. Just like we cannot practice writing long answers to literature and only look over mathematical sums, there is a particular way of studying different topics. Some of them must be understood and then learned, and others need some practical application for proper understanding. Every child should be aware of the various methods of learning and apply them from time to time.

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