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What is Silicon dioxide?

Silicon dioxide is also known as the silica, it is a chemical compound that is found extensively in quartz and sand. This can be further used in manufacturing or electronic components. The chemical formula for the compound could be written as the SiO2 and its molecular weight is given as the 60.08 g mol-1.

Silicon dioxide Structure

This compound is mostly available in the crystalline form where a silicon atom is fixed at the center and oxygen atoms will surround it from both sides. In this way, it will make a tetrahedral geometry. The compound can be availed in amorphous form in nature. The chemical structure for the compound could be given as below.

Silicon dioxide Structure

Silicon dioxide Chemical Formula

The natural occurrence of the compound can be felt everywhere. It is available in the composition of many plants and its consequences. It is also ingested by herbivores. Most of the silicon is extracted by quartz mining and it can also be prepared through neutralization process too. This is a wet process basically produces amorphous SiO2 particles. The chemical reaction for the compound could be given as below.

Na2Si3O7 + H2SO4 → 3 SiO2 + Na2SO4 + H2O

Silicon dioxide Properties

Now, let us focus on the physical properties of the compound moving ahead. This is a transparent, grey, odorless crystalline, amorphous solid. Its melting and boiling points are written as 1600 ºC and 2230 ºC, respectively. Further, the density of the compound is given as 2.65 g mL-1 which are not soluble in water or acid but it is soluble in the hydrofluoric acid.

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