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Shounen Manga Titles To Never Miss Before 2022 Ends!

Although the Japanese word shonen/shounen is gender-neutral, it explicitly refers to young males in this situation. So many of the ideas and themes that appeal to young males are in shonen manga. Although it may appear ancient now, such a strategy is still relevant to the shonen manga genre. Male protagonists are in shonen manga. It frequently has a fantasy backdrop with bits of witchcraft, futurism, or the paranormal. Shonen manga includes action and comedy plenty of times. Shonen manga has been associated with a few common themes and clichés through the years. The most well-known shonen manga of 2022, accessible on Mangaowl, appears at the top of this list, progressing toward the current manga titles of the month. Some of these comic series have an anime series adaptation. 

Spy X Family

Let’s begin with a title that is undoubtedly appropriate for children but is also brimming with thought-provoking topics, intimidating antagonists, funny characters, and a storyline that is more comparable to twisty, curving highways. The most popular shonen manga and anime in the globe now is Spy X Family. No task is too difficult for the spy nicknamed Twilight if it would prevent war. As Westalis’ chief snoop, Twilight works nonstop to stop nutjobs from inciting conflict with Ostania, a nearby nation. Invading the elite Eden Academy, the child of Ostanian politician Donovan Desmond, is necessary for his most recent task, which requires him to look into Desmond.

As a result, the spy must complete the complex assignment of his professional life: get wedded, have a kid, and establish a family. The detective, assassin, and psychic must operate as a household while pursuing their respective goals underneath the pretense of The Forgers. They quickly discover that family encompasses far more than genetic links, although these frauds and outcasts are performing roles.

The Elusive Samurai

The Elusive Samurai is a funny and chaotic classic manga that starts after Japan’s Kamakura Period and is authored and illustrated by contemporary shonen manga artist Yusei Matsui, who also created Assassination Classroom. This shonen manga begins in 1333 and tells the retribution tale of young prince Hojo Tokiyuki, the Kamakura shogunate’s successor when his family’s servant deserts them and sets the destroyed city. The manga’s introductory chapter is a tragic presentation of its character, antagonist, and story motive as Tokiyuki witnesses Ashikaga Takauji, a moral figure he has long revered, command an enemy army to destroy his hometown. Tokiyuki is unique because of his propensity for preservation and his seemingly superhuman capacity for dodging, running, and concealment. He can etch a way out and return for vengeance by avoiding death.

Kaiju No. 8

Kaiju are undoubtedly at the core of Japanese modern culture. Kaiju are in the bloodstream of Japanese modern culture, and discovering a fresh take on them within an exceptional modern shonen manga is thrilling! Kaiju No. 8, written by Naoya Matsumoto, is situated in a future where kaiju roaming free in the metropolis of Japan is a nearly daily event. The Kaiju Defense Force, a standing army outfitted with cutting-edge weaponry and armor, is engaged in combat with them.

The main character, Kafka, a 32-year-old, is not a soldier of the Kaiju Defense Force. Instead, he is an employee of Monster Sweeper Inc. as a Kaiju sweeper. He is tasked with going towards the enormous body of a fallen kaiju and disposing of it piece by piece. The reality is that Mina Ashiro, a close friend of Kafka’s, is among the Defense Force’s top proficient and lethal kaiju assassins adding injury to insult. Meanwhile, in the initial episode of this shonen manga, Kafka and rookie Kaiju sweeper Reno Ichikawa managed to dodge being eaten by a Kaiju. They end up in the hospital, where Kafka carries a massive kaiju insect that pushes its path down Kafka’s esophagus. The Kaiju says something before it acts.

One Punch Man

One Punch Man was created by author ONE, who gave us Mob Psycho 100. However, ONE isn’t the master artist. One Punch Man’s first iteration was a crude and hilarious comic that pays tribute to and ridicules several inspiration sources. The manga primarily known now is a reworking of the initial, with artist Yusuke Murata among the most gifted in the manga industry handling the artwork. One Punch Man is a comic written and accompanied by an enormous and stunning illustration. It was enhanced much finer by the manga’s conversion into a brief anime series with the best animation and visuals.

Saitama, a powerful young twenty-something office worker, is the eponymous One Punch Man. Saitama is invincible now since he has trained too much and too intensely; he can defeat any opponent with a single strike. Saitama battles more ridiculous and monstrous adversaries, only to fail them with a single strike. His discontentment, disillusionment, and deflationism are what create the comedy. He lacks drive and daily struggles. Continually engaging is how the series develops this idea and keeps things new. In addition, every combat is mind-blowing with clarity and flash. Murata is a formidable artist.

Jujutsu Kaisen

This anime fully embraces the darkest aspect of shonen, giving the genre a terrifying monster force. The anime version of Jujutsu Kaisen is quickly evolving into the upcoming major shonen series. It won’t be as successful as Spy X Family, but it has everybody’s interest. Yuji Itadori, a slightly indolent but endearing middle schooler with a keen knack for everything physical, such as a great runner and fighter, is the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. Itadori eats the thumb and transforms into the carrier of a demon named Sukuna. After hearing from a magician that his academy is cursed because of the existence of a magical talisman. Itadori manages to keep Sukuna under control somehow, but now he is expected to enroll at Tokyo’s academy for jujutsu sorcerers and find the remaining 20 of Sukuna’s hands.


Never miss the above list of exciting shounen manga titles to read before 2022 ends. You can access it on Mangaowl or try Mangakakalot as an alternative. It’s all free and accessible using any device!